How to modify the website through data mining user requirements

title will know that this is with the conversion rate of related things, and can improve the conversion rate of some thinking or way, for I did not do a conversion carefully and in-depth research, but contact SEO for so long will always be exposed to a little of this stuff, today to share such a topic that is mainly because the QQ group have a friend asked, I also gave him to explain, so I decided to write an article to share out. This friend is also a member of the light year forum, he asked the question is how to improve the conversion rate of his site, the site address I will not send, I probably cut a map:


This is the website of

second screen content, is the first screen navigation, LOGO and a full Yiping PA FLASH.

second screen of these is the main content of the site, in the following there is a rotation of the picture, the main content of the picture is the hospital every corner of the picture, that is, the hospital environment.


website is so much, I believe that as long as a little experience of friends all know this page optimization space is very large, especially the demand for hospital site needs more detailed and clear the site, this is certainly not.

so I used Baidu to search for a word for plastic surgery and explained it to him through related searches.


from the 10 words in the image, we can get some specific information and 2 non specific information, specific information is "breast surgery, breast augmentation surgery the price of the whole process, 2 non specific information are" breast surgery, breast augmentation surgery".

this time, we received a total of 4 kinds of information, in other words we’ve got four kinds of user requirements; and these four requirements, only 2 requirements are specific (also shows that the two needs more user attention), the other two requirements are not specific, respectively. "Breast surgery, breast augmentation surgery"; the two needs either, we can make the demand of refinement, we talk about non specific information how to refine the demand, then repeat specific information on how to refine the requirements, please see below:


this is Baidu know search keywords "breast surgery" the relevant search and the start step, we can extract more from the user needs 10 words, suppose we now extract the user to understand the breast augmentation surgery price "of the demand, so we can specify this demand? Then look at some pictures, the fact can explain the problem.



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