From the point of view of the entity store, how should the website operate


website is a kind of intangible property, but it is same as the company store in hypostatic economy, all need to invest capital, technology and manpower, material resources to make its normal operation and produce profit. The special nature of the Internet has determined that there are many differences between the website and the enterprise store in the real economy. But the general operation and management are exactly the same, and the Internet economy is also an extension of the real economy. The domain name, name, content, user experience, promotion and optimization of the website can be found in the real economy. So webmaster nets management website satisfied think to learn from the successful experience of the real economy. If the big portal industry site has formed scale enterprises, and the real economy of large enterprises no two. So, small and medium-sized sites still stay online stage, in exploring their own profit model, and small and medium-sized entity store has a lot of similarities. Here today, from the point of view of physical stores to analyze the operation of small and medium-sized websites.

if a website like a store, then the domain name is the address of the shop, the shop is a good location to attract customers, choose selected can also enhance the site’s reputation, establish the external brand image. Address to the good to be good popularity, such as a shop in the commercial development of the downtown areas, the flow of people, all kinds of customers to patronize frequently, if the store business is good, then the address will also become a brand, such as a snack in a downtown area to form fame, some customer word-of-mouth will the can’t help says its XXX XX store and how good, slowly, the names will become the image of the store, if the store moved, may be in the new shop name plus XX XX stores, in order to continue to spread the word of mouth. So it is better to enter the website domain name, remember, but also associated with the content of the website, can casually a domain name, can not related to the digital domain or domain name mistaken for their website, then your domain name is not suitable for their own web site is no good, this website at any time may collapse.

domain name is good, the name of the website is also very important. The name of the web site can not be too long, also cannot use some words to understand the causes of ambiguity phenomenon, entity shop will play some famous and some similar names such as sports brand will play some copycat some Nikke, adldas such names that confuse the public. Therefore, the site can not "cottage" some large sites, otherwise, even if you do better, it is easy to give a person you are a liar feeling. The name of the website should be related to the content as much as possible, especially the enterprise website. It is better to use the enterprise name directly as the name of the official website. In fact, a good name of the website is the website name card, like Sina, Sohu, happy net, Tianya, long lane, building 19, said these names will quickly think of the site is what what is what the content or domain name. Site names must apply and highlight individuality.

website name domain name is solved, consider the content of the website below. >

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