There are 53 best ways to increase traffic and link numbers

read the article on improving the flow of methods, the contents of a summary, and draw the following conclusions.

1) write a "10 tips to help you * * * *" article. Links are easy to get.

2) summarize a complete list of reference materials for a topic.

3) summarize ten myths about a topic or an industry.

4) list of industry experts. If you can make a good impression on these people or make your project stand up, these experts may even thank you for your website. (sometimes flattery is the easiest way to do well with authority.


5) there is an easy privacy policy and a page about us, so the site looks more trusting. Putting a picture of yourself might help establish authority.

6) use competitive ranking to buy traffic. Related traffic will bring visitors and brand exposure to your site. No matter where you come from, people come to your website and there is the possibility of linking to you.

7) publish articles at the web site where the article is published. The advantage of these articles is that their articles page ranking is really good, and bring high quality traffic.

8) submit articles to industry news websites. About the website of XXX, submit to XXX information network. Such as jewelry wholesale, related to the

9) send a press release. Take the time to write better. Have a little gives some selected reporters and bloggers. Email writes personalization.

10) track who published your article or news. Give them exclusive news or content.

11) exchange articles with other webmasters.

12) when it comes to important news, email some friends, ask them to make comments, and if they feel useful, can you quote them?.

13) some company websites list news about them, write these companies, and connect to them. They will even talk to you about their web pages. If you have a news section or blog on your site, it’s easy. Go to Google and search your industry + news ".

14) do a survey that will make people feel important. If you can make others feel important, they will give you free publicity.

16) an old but useful tip: submit a web site to a free directory.

17) submit to other fees directory. It’s pretty old-fashioned. Remember, quality is very important.

18) create your own vertical directory of your interest areas. Obviously >

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