The essential spirit of unremitting self-improvement personal social commitment

see the big brother of the king Marx collective encounter K station, the movie site is good or bad investigation post, I still stand firmly in the square. Baidu K off this massive Marx movie station, and regardless of whether the acquisition of a relationship, I still say that emotionally, we don’t see the webmaster compatriots of the website that was ruthlessly blocked, but in principle, Baidu this action, I applaud. The 80% movie website is just a simple procedure to rely on the so-called acquisition and wanted to build a successful Daolian film website, or just want to make a lot of money, this thought, three years ago, is wisdom, but today is a success may not.

whether it is user experience and search engine optimization, every day someone in the webmaster online warned you not to collect, do not do highly repetitive content on the internet. What I want to tell you is that Baidu will not only be the K movie station. With the legal and content standards on the Internet, all sectors of the website will be faced with the shuffle and rectification of the relevant departments and search engines. The K movie station, maybe next time it should be music website, these are copyright sensitive websites, 80% of the websites are illegal, and the content is highly repetitive.

I found the webmaster can from several points of positive understanding of website, such as acquisition, to avoid the competitive website, user centered and so on, so the often or turn a blind eye and ear, and then by K station or not to be included, Baidu will only shout, this I feel very sorry. What did you learn in the webmaster network? Collecting, cheating, cheating traffic? I think the intention of the webmaster is not to give these to the tutor.

I am a rookie

Internet, neither is not of noble character and high prestige, we did not dare to be a brilliant man of wide learning point what. Today I want to give you eight words: "unremitting self-improvement social commitment". If a nation wants to be strong, it must have such a spirit. A powerful website, but also must have such a spirit, a webmaster’s success, but also must have such spirit. Whether it is graph king, or some success and the grassroots, which one did not have such a spirit? This is so that they can establish the credibility of the grassroots webmaster, a hundred responses to a single call. Naturally, their website doesn’t want to grow up.

we grassroots webmaster, mixed in Internet, rely on the website to pursue his dream of unpredictable changes. If you have talent, diligence will make you a tiger with wings added; if you have no talent, diligence will make you win everything. Fate is in the hands of people who do the work diligently. Push forward the Internet are not those fancy, cheating on the acquisition of webmaster, but the average intelligence and very hard work, hard work of the people; not talented, talent and genius, but those people in an industry which are diligent and work. From a website can completely see the style of work of this webmaster, if the Internet users into a garbage station or a virus station, no one can think of this

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