s the wireless opportunity station ready

"wireless" opportunities, Adsense ready? — on the 3G brought to the webmaster of the opportunity, the first half of 2009, 3G is the focus of national attention, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom 3G propaganda everywhere, people after dinner conversation is 3G, in such an environment, I think 3G will bring "wireless" opportunities for our webmaster.

1, 3G times to the webmaster opportunities

3G licenses issued, 3G ubiquitous publicity, 5.17, telecom day trial business, timing or traffic flow debate, all of which are related to 3G, the majority of webmaster smell 3G coming?. 3G era of the Three Kingdoms, the operators in order to compete for the user made preferential policies to fight at outrance, emerge in an endless stream in this era, be in full swing, the webmaster smell opportunities? I owned 253 million Internet users, but there are 633 million 840 thousand mobile phone users, if these users in the near future time to the 3G camp (he is China Unicom, mobile. Is that our Internet Telecom), the world will become much more thriving! Webmaster, ready for a big wallet?

, 3G, mobile phones, 3G, network card and so on, all can not be separated from the Internet applications, and our webmaster as an Internet application provider, bound to unlimited business opportunities. There will be more people on the Internet in the 3G era, because the time and place of surfing the Internet are unlimited. People can read the news on the Internet, while waiting for the bus to see the video, when travel abroad can also through the wireless Internet real-time understanding of state affairs, these ubiquitous Internet applications are our webmaster opportunities. Our website will get more traffic, and our webmaster will get more revenue.

2, 3G times webmaster should do what preparation,


(1) optimize page

The visual area

mobile phone Internet users is limited, and China Telecom are in addition to the current traffic charges, so I suggest to streamline the website, simplify the web page, removing a part of flower advertising, improve the browsing speed. Specific methods I will not say, the webmaster are SEO master, will be able to solve this problem.

(2) website publicity

first of all, the three operators will promote the benefits of wireless Internet for us, and more people will surf the Internet. We will get more traffic. In addition to the conventional soft Wen promotion, post, outside Links and so on, I suggest to strengthen cooperation with operators such as China Mobile will launch the app store (similar to Apple’s App Store), we provide a good opportunity to download station. Other types of sites, I do not give examples, and the cooperation of things to be developed, I just throw a brick.

(3) user experience

, we must make the website user experience first. The first page is to optimize the user experience. My opinion is that the content of the website is what the user really is

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