How did the secret company’s originality come from

editor’s note:

nowadays many advertisers, or advertising companies, are often tired of creativity. The day before I chat and a friend found advertising company, with the rise of the Internet, there are a lot of new ideas, and to provide for your reference.


I is a Chongqing local advertising company creative director, see a lot of advertising, or creative people, to provide creative planning and for others, also continue to recharge, but still often feel exhausted thinking.

why do you say that? Because creativity is actually the most valuable asset for human beings. We can think of an idea today and think of ten ideas, but there is no way to ensure that we have ten ideas every day. Because a person doesn’t have so many experiences, opinions, opinions, and things to see, he can’t come up with different styles of style overnight.

our company has been established for five years, the main business is to help each enterprise to provide creative copywriting design, such as new car listing, real estate opening, public service advertising and so on. We have 7 designers and 3 planners. It should be said that such a company is not big, but it is not too small.

our planners have to work on 3-5 cases every day, and at the same time, they feel nothing at the first two years, but the days are long, and we feel more and more difficult.

specific symptoms for creative more and more mediocre, more and more no features, more and more like the TV, who put who who advertising. In this case, sometimes we meet inside to brainstorm, but after all, we shoot a few shots.

then we can do it, then find out the person, mainly students, find a few students to storm, students sometimes not too far, will be much better, but no experience in social work, sometimes a good idea, there is no operation, or very weak.

but these methods are very short and can not fundamentally solve the problem. So I’m thinking of the Internet, the Internet so many people, certainly a lot of ideas, so I sometimes go to the end of the world,, forum where some I asked everyone to mental collision, but the result is not very good. Because we are interested in amateur participation, some will seriously discuss, and some are totally spoof, but also a waste of our time.

, but we still firmly believe that the Internet can certainly solve such a thing, so we began to search, and finally found a web site can solve our bottleneck, that is witkey.

is based on as everyone knows, Witkey people make money online proficiency in a particular line of people, their creativity that is absolutely wide. So we started to try, of course, because the Witkey is full prepayment, we still have to worry about at first, then again in the middle of these websites, and finally locked in the pig bidding website, because we made this kind of talents. Witkey website is more than

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