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follows tonight’s media question and answer record by Cai Chongxin at the Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou.

last night, Cai Chongxin, vice president of Alibaba group, made his first appearance in the media. He was called the man behind Ma Yun, and listened to Cai Chongxin’s own story about his story with Ma Yun.

so I became a member of the Alibaba, working in the company, we each round of financing, legal, financial things are done by me, Ma, I trust, trust him a lot he had never seen a person, this is his kindness, he is willing to put a lot of things turn out. The biggest bottleneck for start-up companies comes from people. Ma and the management team every year to recruit outside talent, this is what I am very pleased.

Cai Chongxin: I remember working in Hongkong 15 years ago, and my friend in Taiwan wanted to introduce me to Ma Yun. My friend is to do IT company, want to sell the company to Alibaba, let me go to Hangzhou to see Ma yun. I said yes, but who is Ma,

in the IM field, what is Ali’s anxiety,



when you observe these "winners", you will find that they often have good quality, and can adhere to the word. They will not use a gorgeous sheep abduction back but let you get on the bus, you find that he is actually selling dog meat. They know that in the short-term interests will eventually result in huge to bluff and deceive, irreparable loss.

Consistent Commitment as

calls "achievement" means "achievement". It’s hard to define whether entrepreneurship is successful, but it’s a lot easier to define success. Create a long-term revenue and profit growth of the company, for many employees to provide jobs, help customers create value, to help shareholders win a good return on investment, brings positive effects and so on, these are all have many entrepreneurs want to achieve.

below is the article details:

1, just the right toughness Tempered, Tenacity

at that time, Alibaba was not formally established. The first time I saw Ma was in Hangzhou, the second time I took my pregnant wife with me and rowed on a boat in West Lake. I thought I’d like to join the Alibaba.

you are called ma Yun behind the man, how do you see? Ali ecological layout of the investment logic is what? What kind of company to buy?

Sohu IT news Beijing time on July 24th news, entrepreneurship has become the dream of every entrepreneur. "Forbes" patent writer David Dessoff David DiSalvo published an article that entrepreneurial success is common in personality, they have just perfect toughness, able to do what they preach, and do practical soul, also can have the strategy solution to crisis and take responsibility.

if you carefully analyze those to achieve the above achievements of entrepreneurs, they actually have a personality in common. "Forbes" columnist David Dessoff David DiSalvo recently wrote an article entitled "The Five Hallmarks of Highly Respected Achievers" business has five features a winner to share his observations, I feel very good finishing, five features so let us use he mentioned, what is worth where we learn to talk about these "winners".

I went to the lakeside garden to see the start-up team and found the atmosphere was very good. Ma as a leader, a lot of people follow him. While rowing, I asked if I could join them and start a business with them. He almost jumped into West Lake when he heard it.

Cai Chongxin: in fact, there are a lot of people doing communication, we still Focus in the electricity supplier field, we are surprised at the volume of mobile transactions, today accounted for more than 40% of wireless transactions. Investors support some entrepreneurs and make their dreams come true. I spoke to a communications investor who ran to Hangzhou and supported the dream of entrepreneurs. host: wireless trading volume has exceeded 20 billion yuan.


this is the hardest part of entrepreneurship, and the key difference between an accomplished entrepreneur and a pilot who can’t open the door. You must know when to listen carefully and when to persist. It sounds simple, but it’s not easy to do it. When 17Life was in the "lunch king", they have been constantly listening to feedback membership, adds many new features, but the result is the site to make it into a grotesque, and finally found the new members did not get started, led to the stagnation of growth. All of them told them that it was impossible to succeed, but they decided to gamble and finally created a super successful game company.

Cai Chongxin: Ma’s success is also the success of Alibaba, there are many men and women behind. Success belongs to the company, we all work together. There are 30 partners in the Alibaba group, a very united management team, and no one said it was for personal reasons. The acquisition of the investment logic, is not convenient to say in the field of investment, logic is the first, to the user and user stickiness, we will increase investment to us, such as the recent acquisition of UC, the largest mobile Browse Companies, has more than 200 million monthly active users. Second, the investment hopes to increase the user’s shopping experience, for example, we have done a joint venture with the joint venture company, they will be the power of all logistics assets into the joint venture


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