Every day sounds Wang Zhigang get rid of distracting thoughts, return to the nature of the productRe

in the summer of 1998, the editorial department of the media, often swinging a little fat. The boy’s features are obvious because he always holds a few 5 inch hard drives. He is C Jun, C Jun’s computer technology is not strong, about the level is limited to the preparation of Html and know how to download software from 0day, but C Jun has a keen business mind and diligent legs.

, "the choice of entrepreneurship must be the product of the public demand, so that it can be bigger, and the music player has proven to be a mass user demand on the PC."." So Wang Zhigang, they chose to do music player, but also their knowledge accumulation and expertise in the field.

at first just think their technology is good, also did not have a special long-term planning, always feel that everyone is essentially to do something more meaningful things, so the three young people came together.

those entrepreneurs are just as old as they are, and when they were young, their blood boiling makes Wang Zhigang unable to stand up to them and is ignited by those young entrepreneurs. Wang Zhigang suddenly felt that life could have gone like this and could have done something more passionate.

NOKIA intelligent development was relatively hot at that time, so Wang Zhigang holding a try to develop the attitude of the market to buy relevant knowledge of three books. Take the time to read and start writing. But their own basis in the decoder, and decoder is not dedicated to the use of people, and later think of the decoder side, after analysis and discussion, more suitable for doing two kinds: video and audio.




on the road to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs are easy to follow the habit of walking. The core of the Internet business often lies in how much user value it creates, and how much of a good experience it brings to the entire service audience after it has solved its pain points and itching points.

ignited by passion – on the road to entrepreneurship

"although someone is against the project, we feel we have no advantage and no differentiation innovation.". But later proved that we are relying on these continuous small innovation, and gradually accumulated advantages, and gradually become the product of customer satisfaction. So for a small business group >

sounds great every day, founder Wang Zhigang

Author: life three poison

Wang Zhigang said, in the beginning, I just hope to give the user a practical tool in the product after the first batch of user experience began feedback, at first there are many "negative" sound, not recognized by the majority of users. Before the product is good enough, there are sure to be a lot of people who say you are bad and your confidence is vulnerable. But there are also people who are encouraged, and we constantly improved according to different users at last, condemning the less, encouraging more and more.

was the "farmer" era, and Wang Zhigang said the other two co founders and themselves were "code farmers."". Before starting the business, Wang Zhigang’s company was exposed to a lot of "outside" things and new things. By coincidence, the music software, which was good at that time, was a group of young people, and the founders were very young. To later heard that TT Player is a very young person in writing.

when our newspaper is the only connection with optical fiber backbone network where the city and society a madman always day and night from the 0day download software. C has often come to us with a 420M’s big hard disk note that M is not G to copy the software, and then copy it onto his website in the mainframe computer room he rents.

at this time, venture capital began to enter China, the site’s investment record has been refreshed. And a domain name called china, no business site, you can successfully listed in the Nasdaq, but because the domain name is called ch>

cock wire counterattack story is always talked about. It’s the media’s fault because human nature has a natural preference for everything that one can’t experience or get. All the success of mass entertainment is to condense the legends into hours or minutes for the public: the poor guy found snow white, and Cinderella got rich and handsome. But what about then,

editor’s note: the author, life three poison for well-known websites and web game company founder, previously served as a senior editor of IT media, witnessed the early development of China’s internet.

the difference between a success and a loser is not the wealth that comes suddenly, but the thought of a man.

web site, mostly is the use of telecommunications resources unique, in a few China export bandwidth, 0day from abroad a famous global crack organization website hacked sharing and commercial software, and then placed in a domestic room with simple Html language for everyone to download, than the download speed and get cracked from the speed of 0day. When you have these conditions, you can become the most visited website in China, of course, before the venture capital has come in.


1998 is China’s first year of the Internet, only a few people still use 33.6 of the Modem Internet access. At that time, the Chinese resources on the Internet were very poor. The main function of the Internet was to download all kinds of foreign businesses and shareware.

because of the "human leg hard disk" acceleration, so C Jun’s Web site soon became the country’s top three software download site, basically also can be said to be China’s top PV website.

"negative" sound – finally brings crazy

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