Let the big brother go to hell, entrepreneurs should learn from those around them!BlogFrog social br

community has a deep influence on the entrepreneurs in the Internet age. "Go to the center" is the core issue discussed by many entrepreneurs


introduction: many entrepreneurs are the chiefs of the flock, "the true saying" but it went wrong — bigwigs "dream" and "feelings", may not be suitable for still struggling for you. In the era of Internet society, the "decentralized" group learning is more suitable for the learning style of entrepreneurs.

BlogFrog platform promotes a new social network where users build connections based on interest rather than previous friendships. BlogFrog has attracted around 125 thousand active users and 65 thousand bloggers, affecting 10 million of its parents every month, making it America’s biggest mom blog. In this platform can be established according to the theme of rich interactive community, common themes such as delicacy and fashion, but there are more serious issues such as marriage, infertility and special children. Many communities even surpass virtual worlds


has built a new path in social branding by virtue of the building of influential blogs and user communities. BlogFrog.

in recent years the circle of friends and the public account has been filled with such an article: "Ma Yun", "golden sentences Lei Jun: we have to do", "pig on the outlet of xxAPP was XX billion financing, founder XX told secret at the XX summit"…… Despite the title of the party, the readability of the article, and the so-called big dry cargo for entrepreneurs really useful? I’m back in 2015 into 2016, also in thinking, all entrepreneurial grass root why blindly worship the so-called "big brother", "God", but only to the "big brothers" and learning

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in digital advertising and digital media reform movement, the influence of chasing mothers. The new generation of moms is not only a highly educated network of people, with nearly 85% of the family’s income, but also social animals – if they find something they like or hate, they will hear something.

is not a fallacy? | "

" brands are welcome because we can move them from the corner of the page to the main page." Web site CEO Banks says BlogFrog addresses the long-standing headache for online advertisers to attract users to click on web advertising, which is viewed as a form of interference when users browse the site. Social media implants are sometimes too strong, and large-scale blog reviews have also made users feel bad. BlogFrog’s "discussion marketing" has broken the industry’s norm, offering advertisers the opportunity to impress consumers through the "brand community" and "sponsored discussion".

some time ago, an article "5 years before the program he was the first mention of gravitational waves, guests ridicule, now they owe him an apology" Huobian the circle of friends, we think XX and XX bad attitude at the same time, it can be said that this is not a "folk scientist" by Einstein and the influence of Nobel, think you can subvert all previous theories, own martial art? The reason with the entrepreneurs, listening to Jobs Buffett’s remarks, more people can not only look up to the sky and earth, unreal it.

, Banks and Haman don’t look like partners at all. Wearing a BlogFrog T-shirt, Banks looks like a standard entrepreneur, carefree temperament, handshake will use two hands, very enthusiastic. Haman is wearing a neat suit, neat and professional sense, the ornamental and the combined plain properties.


in the United States of Colorado, Boulder City, April 2009, Banks Rustin · Rustin; Banks and Hawley · Haman Holly Hamann co founded BlogFrog. BlogFrog is to provide free tools for mom bloggers to set up their own communities, online discussion and dissemination of video podcasts, then these platforms and Coca-Cola are willing to pay to appear in these discussions in the brand together.

maybe it’s a false proposition to learn from big brothers only. For grass root entrepreneurs, "the true saying" gangster for your perfect products, and meet the needs of users is not really helpful? The start-up team in a App prototype are not ready, hurried to the so-called "big dream" and "feelings", is a little self paralysis? Everyone is looking forward to the next era of Ma, is not really able to do

years ago, several start-up friends gathered together, and there were several so-called "big brothers"". I, as after 90 entrepreneurs, naturally want to grasp all the opportunity to learn to upgrade, so attentively listen to big brother about their jianghu. Perhaps because of the ignorance of the fearless, I put forward some small product doubt, but the big brother actually do not know his product bug. This surprised me and wonder why a gangster actually do not know their products, or the new iterative version of the function? After coming home, I think that maybe the chiefs do not know the product, but has been out of primary end products for a long time, so he wasn’t really understand user. What the big brother taught us may be on the "Tao" level, but he also needs to be close to the user to understand the market demand.


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now many companies want to break into this field, but one company has broken through traditional advertising methods and found its own channel of infiltration.

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