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is not reconciled. Why do so many people online introduced how how to make the number of days, why can’t I? So, all day in some Wangzhuan forum in the mix. Finally learn to registered mail, Alipay certification etc.. Then start to Wangzhuan trip, what selection of hook, voting and registration, click on the ads all registered, but to promote, pull off the assembly line, I have to learn how to operate to do propaganda. Registered , basically will be used, but typing is too slow, not to communicate with others, try to pull off the assembly line some Wangzhuan forum. Finally click on the class with two referrals, just do click. Although I have seen some netizens say it is rubbish, but I still insist on doing. But please, can’t deliver, contact customer service, did not respond. Vote, with the registration can not do, not independent broadband, can not break the network. Dispirited and discouraged, even clicked also gave up.

it is reported that recently hungry, it has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities opened a "transparent kitchen" function access. Users can enter the store details after the drop-down, you can see the live video playback. If the restaurant opened Houchu broadcast service, so users can see the heavy work in the whole kitchen. Hungry said, sub function is expected to be extended to all key cities in the country by the end of the year.

At present,

first contact Wangzhuan

first, I must say I this article is not no technical content, such as the title above, I only primary school diploma, Wangzhuan road to go very hard, no results, I just summarize my Wangzhuan experience, may be able to just contact Wangzhuan friends some enlightenment.


and this is just to live Houchu immediacy, interactivity and authenticity to the delivery platform, greatly enhance the user participation of takeaway platform. In the past, businesses and users do not have much contact between, as a separate existence of the individual. But when combined with live functions, businesses will be able to establish strong social relationships with users, each business is a main body, you can have your own fan groups, far-reaching impact.

it took me a month to chew on books and do some basic work. I heard that is really fun, but the book did not say how to play , I try to go online to search, but found the "higher" this new term. I like the discovery of a new continent, and constantly search the Internet, and eventually entered a forum, there is an advertisement that how to build their own free forums, make their own money, welcome to join the group * * * exchange. At that time, even the group is what things do not know, and went to search for some time to figure out, but I want to get a is very troublesome, on their own advertising links to register accounts, and now think of when the registration is 5D6D forum. Because even the "section" do not understand what is, they gave up.

1 Houchu live increased user participation takeaway platform, open platform takeaway social

hungry, as takeaway ordering platform leading enterprises, in order to participate in the platform for the form of innovation is commendable. In fact, the combination of takeaway and live is highly marketing and practical significance, but also for the future more takeaway platform entrepreneurship provides a good idea. And listen to the author to make a number of analysis.

is also a do Wangzhuan friends to deceive to do what business agent of Tencent . And then go to develop "push >"

I was born in a poor family, with four siblings, home because of severe bounce, almost bankrupt. Although I have been outstanding, but in the third year was forced to learn to work out. In the process of working, because wearing a shabby, and soil and timid, bullying is very miserable, but, also suffering from kidney stones, I almost despair of this world, was extremely tired and went home, find a man to marry off hastily. I was only 18 years old that year. Fortunately, this man still hurts me very much, and the living conditions in his family are much better than those of my own family. I’ve lived happily ever after.

, after I gave birth to my son, became weaker and weaker, so he didn’t want me to do anything. He took out his own savings and bought me a computer.

3 increasing differentiated competition among merchants and enriching the marketing form

went into MLM

as we all know, food safety has been an important topic in the takeaway industry. Users will feel that their eating is not assured, because this "kitchen heavy ground" are black box operations. If the direct combination of function and the takeaway platform can large area promotion, by believing, to live the restaurant needs to pay attention to health and live to see the foreign people will meet in the visual and psychological, is a virtuous cycle can accelerate the food safety problem.

users to takeaway ordering platform, to determine their own what to eat at noon today, a part of their mood, a part is purchased by real users Slide Show. If the live broadcast function is added, it can be used as an exclusive selling point for merchants. If you dare to be a kitchen health will own cooking reveal to the public, superb level to show you the restaurant then you can harvest a large number of users to the fans, will also become the primary consideration user meal. < >

broadcast platform has been very popular in today’s Internet world, many game player friends in broadcast platform big bucks. Broadcast industry is so big influence, because the live form is new product of the Internet after 3, it greatly promoted the participation of users, more emphasis on authenticity and immediacy, consistent with the core value of modern internet.

2 combined with live, is expected to break through the barriers between users and food safety barriers

to do a lot of junk Wangzhuan

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