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"Confucius" Shu literati represents the noble sentiment



Feng Shu: the work of the capitalists is the role I have played for a long time – chairman. If China wants to comment on the most senior chairman, I can count one, because I have been president for more than 20 years and have not worked as a manager. The chairman represents the interests of the shareholders and the board of directors is the manager of the capital.

some of my partners say I am not like a businessman because I have nothing to do with money. I am afraid it has a lot to do with my education and social ideals.


, these three >

, I’ve caught up with the two states.

Feng Shu: I am a very pure Chinese, love travel, reading books, listening to the observation, I love all China folk ditty, traditional culture has the spirit of fancies of men of letters, I youguoyoumin, also very proud China advocating literati’s spiritual pursuit, even hope Chinese culture can continue to nurture yourself and offspring.

I’m a Chinese, and I’m trying to become a Chinese entrepreneur with global outlook, Chinese mind, professional ability and local skills.

"does it hurt or does it hurt?"

first, we signed Zhang Jiajia. When we signed Zhang Jiajia. He is not very famous, but I think he is very talented, brilliant, arrogant. I felt the emotion in his book matched my depression at that time. When I have the opportunity to communicate with Wong Kar Wai, I strongly suggest that the "ferry man" must be directed by Zhang Jiajia. I think that after Guo Jingming and Han Han, the next one will be Zhang Jiajia. I can’t say with Jiajia because of me, but I do try to persuade. That was the first time I really worked as a broker. Remember that the team spent the night talking to Shen Haobo about the movie rights all over the world. I almost bought it myself. The project has been a great success this year. I was not working and fine, but wish him great success.

people "Republic, revolutionary environment are focusing on" Genzheng Miao red "


recently, entrepreneur & I; the horse had an exclusive interview with Hou Xiaoqiang, listening to him talk about thinking about it now, the story of the past, the entrepreneurial mindset is summarized, and his life "Enlightenment", of course, his new novel Mars project.

to resolve the contradiction between partners, it must have a big ideal to guide, our team has a common value. If we just stay in the family support, personal consumption and so on, then there are many contradictions, we can not solve it.

: why would you describe yourself as "the capitalist’s job, the social ideal of the proletariat"?

Feng Shuceng once said, "the working position of the capitalist, the social ideal of the proletariat, and the spiritual enjoyment of the literati.". "

asked: "now the official" concept more and more distant from us, but why do you still adhere to the "Literati Spirit to enjoy"

said the social ideal, I am 15 years old joined the league, joined at the age of 20, basically are educated in a very orthodox environment. Before 1989, I worked in the central government, which was also a very strong environment of traditional ideology, and formed the so-called proletarian social ideal. For example, "only by liberating all mankind can we liberate ourselves". "To abolish exploitation, to achieve great harmony"……

third, we bought super IP "looking for a journey in the past.". Gong Yu, Dai Ying I dark horse note: Iqiyi founder, CEO extended an olive branch to us. This is a super net play, in Iqiyi was rated S class. January 16th this year, the official broadcast.


when I was the first in the state, to feel the wind up, also do not know what time, also do not know what kind of state, but they think that this is an opportunity to do with feeling anxious and fearful heart, three items:


this year I and my partner made two companies, one is at the core of IP studios, called in film and television hereinafter referred to as "central"; a Internet Co, there are two mobile Internet Project under the flag of the poison and the Mars novels.

I think entrepreneurs two best: one is you feel unsuspectingly a chance, very excited; one is you may be very dull, but you know your goal where both knees, crawling, walking or running, it can be reached.

Hou Xiaoqiang now finds himself at a most stable state, the opposite to the Sina grand period, constantly on the run. Zaoshuizaoqi, chanting running. He believes that entrepreneurship is a long-distance running, since it is running they must know how to recuperate.

recently, Hou Xiaoqiang came back with a Mars novel. The last time he made such a big noise, or when he released "poison APP" last year.

second, we paid a very fair price for the copyright of Keigo Higashino’s "the dedication of the suspect X.". We’re shooting with ray, director Alec Su. Line-up is also very strong. April 1st this year, the official release.


do you think that there is something "Li"? Today, let Feng Shu from their own perspective, talk about his social ideal and entrepreneurial mindset, talk about how he was facing the dilemma, how is the treatment of team conflict.

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