After the revision of the main material night think eleventh keywords from the top three to combat r

4. blog role play. Ingeniously free blog traffic attracted to the site over, relying on high weight, portal blog soon included daily release recruitment information of civil servants and institutions, in the article with pictures or text induced in the "recommended secretarial forum interview counseling" and "Statation writing" and "written Zhenti" section, improve the user the registration conversion rate, the effect is good.

1. To make this point very tired and dull but very important. Even in the new year’s day, Spring Festival, evening again later, or the next day to get up early in the morning before, to ensure that the 9 points, updated articles about 10 articles, of course, there is a small part of the original, most of the original is false, but all indicate the source, some directly reflected in the title, honest, do not know it not to the search engine friendly performance:

for the site of the original program to upgrade, in November last year China government secretarial nets were revised greatly, the title, description, navigation, column setting, home call such as optimization, beautification, and renamed the material night think secretarial nets. Later, love Shanghai react violently, the main keyword ranking back to the next page, snapshot stop more, the amount collected from 10000 to more than 1000, the most reluctant to see the basic situation happened. However, in the sunshine after the rain, through the effective execution, after the Spring Festival, gave us a huge return, ranking recovery, included snapshot quickly. Here, I took this job for two months in a log sorting, to share with you.

3. high quality friend chain exchange. The use of some network resources, exchange of Links and 4 P2 above the site, it is worth mentioning that with the two higher weights party website with primary key made home link, should search ranking is awesome.

said these. This statement by the material night think secretarial nets original, reproduced please indicate the source. Thank You for Your Cooperation。

2. to write some soft wen. As the Secretary of the forum of stationmaster, write articles or can, of course, compared with the master, not professional, but to share the experience of the attitude is correct. Thanks to the webmaster gateway, has published more than 10 article, of course there is propaganda station Yongan forum www.0598rc贵族宝贝/vip.asp, and make a material night think secretarial nets, accumulated some chain resources. At the beginning of the statistics, reproduced by the amount of about 300, of course there are a lot of links are deleted, despise! And poured some water in the relevant forums, play the utility of signature.

Keep updated

5. well in the station optimization. Is to add the latest articles indexed, proper distribution of main keywords in the description, and the bottom of the home, do some long tail keywords into the target word in the title of the article, make up the main keywords love Shanghai index is not high enough.


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