Discussion on how to control the chain website

for entering the Shanghai dragon industry webmaster, how to optimize the website quickly, the site quickly get ranking, to test their learning Shanghai Longfeng achievements, and favorable to prove that they can grow into expert of Shanghai dragon. But get ready to face the ranking is not Everything is going smoothly., roaring waves test. Get a good ranking of the knowledge in the website, "content is king, the chain for the emperor" concept, Shanghai dragon’s heart deeply. May we begin, feel content optimization is to add article every day on the line, so early into the Shanghai dragon may put above the chain optimization focus on the website, spend most of the time in the chain, or select some good mass outside the chain of tools, the number of the chain website has been improved in a certain period of time, some may have greatly improved, but the thin detection of the quality of the chain, the chain less useful. The following Changsha website Xiaobian to talk about how to control the quality of the chain website.


Analysis of the quality of the chain,

two. The above said we must by the small number of the chain of control into the chain of quality control, but how can we ensure that we released the chain is effective? First we report that you release the chain will be included in the search engine, only is you outside of the chain included, in order to discuss the quality of the chain, the the premise is must. Based on our website the chain is included below, we not only need to detect web page, the higher detection included the chain source code, check whether the use of a web link to jump. At this point you can go before the small released a "chain effect analysis of the inquiry platform of the article, we can refer to. Many large sites have achieved a jump, the most obvious even link SOSO answers. Many Shanghai dragon chain members are love soso quiz, because links with Shanghai know more easily than love. But they never thought that Soso Ask you to answer why the links not? We view the source code will be found. In fact the soso FAQ published on the website of the link above to realize the jump, let search.

, a change of thought. When the release of the chain we must change, don’t pursue the number of the chain, to achieve by the number of the chain of control into the chain of quality control, so it can be good to make their sites in an invincible position. May this time when someone asks, how to obtain the high quality of the chain? Some people would have answered to high weight website. But many people think that the chain high weight website is very difficult to do, cause a lot of people. Xiao Bian here suggest that we can go to the chain in a little higher than their own website weight website, so it will be easy to some. Join at first, don’t fully believe that only love Shanghai is 6, 7, 8 weight website released outside the chain is outside the chain of high quality. As long as it is a little higher than their site weight sites can be regarded as the high quality of the chain, but the premise is that the chain must be valid.

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