Analysis large and small website optimization Website

content of the small site inclusive Co., limited the number of keywords is so available, and to optimize the large sites, number of words available very much. Of course, if it is a large site in the same industry and small web site keywords available there will be overlap.

I have encountered such a case, one is the enterprise station, one is the B2B industry station, two websites of the same name, but in the optimization, but require different optimization strategies.

small websites and large-scale web site analysis

small web site optimization and large difference of

we all know small websites such as enterprise station, are to be optimized, in order to realize the optimization of transformation, can be Shanghai Longfeng or SEM, then a large website also needs to be optimized, especially in the early stages of development, large website popularity is not high, the optimization is more important. Here, we compare the difference between large and small web site optimization.

ranking different stability: due to the large competitors website is less, so once the rankings, can appear stable. But the small website because many competitors, if not continuous optimization, then the ranking may decline.

optimization in different directions: optimization direction of large web sites is divergent, spread from the center to the periphery to the brand, let more people know, can develop a new user. While small sites from the outside to pull through words, through the chain, let more people into the site. >

Key words: the choice between

small website biggest feature is the natural "small" architecture is simple, less content, these are small reflected. The website is the natural characteristics of large, complex structure, may have a membership system, distribution system, payment system, contents. From the perspective of Shanghai dragon, love Shanghai algorithm on site volume is hierarchical computation. The same level of volume of the website, compare the ranking. While less, large sites between competitors so in front of large sites are often able to row in the keyword search. Due to the large number of competitors of similar small sites, so as to improve the rankings, need to use small power.

optimization on different: large websites due to a lot of chain, so basically no need to deliberately in the chain construction. The small website needs the appropriate chain layout. In the construction of the chain from the point of view, small construction site outside the chain, the choice of the range is large, basically just a website chain, are not less than their weight. But for a large site friend chain platform is very limited, because of the large site itself weight is higher. In the link, large sites may increase their weight below the chain, while small sites are not allowed. Optimization of key large sites is that brand promotion, so need to focus on the content, index reprint volume included the amount, and the focus of small website optimization should be placed on the construction of the chain and content creation.

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