Chen Liang search engine optimization principle in Shanghai Phoenix 700pm

can be said to be an experience of occupation, so Shanghai dragon Er, actually, so engaged in the search engine optimization, is often, lies in the execution, is constantly thinking, in an independent personality and thinking of the brain, continue to try, repeat to do that in the eyes of others is a boring thing. To do that, one day, you will find that you do this 7:00pm very organized, very good-looking, very level, very delicious. Original >

the Southern Song Dynasty, the yuan army south, Dibing song together with Lu Xiufu, Zhang Shijie and others fled to refuge. When they came to Hongkong new Kam Tin area around the village, the villagers get hospitality. But in the rush between the villagers could not find enough food in the jar, but will use big tub dishes together, develop into 7:00pm. Since then, every big feast, villagers will enjoy vegetable.


container materials and no special provisions, but will generally include carrots, bamboo sticks, squid, pig, chicken, mushrooms, braised pork and fish balls, are more likely to include many vegetable maw, shrimp, seaweed, oysters, dry eel etc.. Which is the vegetable pork stew the essence, also is the most spend time of production.

let us take a look at Shanghai Longfeng material:

vegetable food will according to a certain order a layer by layer from up to discharge. The upper will put some more expensive and need to eat, such as chicken and prawn; the lower level is put some easily absorbed juice materials such as pigskin and radish. When eating 7:00pm, going from top to bottom layer by layer to eat in this figure, we have discovered some new things? We can say is a vegetable, right? But now have more fresh play, look at the raw materials, most of them is a very common thing, but after the combination and coruscate gives the vitality, get the favour of modern people, prosperous, many young people are very love. Figure is a good example of the integration of resources. Through the existing material, through certain organization arrangement finally become a delicacy.

Chef ?

some people through the same material originally, simple through the natural flow can be profitable, some people do stand, a few years or death, why? The key lies in how you this 7:00pm cook level? Of Shanghai dragon, although the recipe of Shanghai dragon tutorial is everywhere, but experience that is not the same, execution, and your new year is not the same, so your food may not be so good, and the others are better.

page, domain name, space, keywords, common external links, internal links, a variety of colors, images, text…… Through the combination of these materials, we can combine into a corporate Web site, personal site, e-commerce platform, so there are now thousands on thousands of websites, so as to do search engine optimization, whether That’s all.

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