NO.1 establish links 6 month plan

link type: analysis from the perspective of Shanghai dragon, webmaster want to link in the construction process, more diversified, multi-channel and multi range, wide and effective so any project optimization will gradually establish links to resources, in the transfer project should first optimize the data prior to the analysis of the type links to resources arrangement and clear, easy for later better operation, avoid weaknesses.

, a data link audit

IP cluster: to collect and collate the data has two purposes, one is to analysis the population distribution of the site is mainly in what areas, another is through these IP addresses can be analyzed by the site which users concern, can be better marketing and Optimization for these groups.


website source: understand the web site outside chain popularity and analysis of the quality of the chain effect.

page link position: familiar with the site each page, each link position, understand the overall structure of the project, make related prevention work.

has a rich opportunity to link to a website, in the face of fierce competition has a great advantage for any optimization project, the author will focus on building links and links to content acquisition and Optimization in the process of link building, will develop a detailed 6 months plan to complete.

1, determine the audit content

from the client to understand: from the previous report, analysis of the project optimization until now, in the linked list data.

if only by virtue of personal webmaster, want to conduct a comprehensive audit of the contents of the above, it seems very difficult, can use external power, help yourself.

, the 2 steps

Similar to the

is the ideal way to start any website link building activities, all need to use some links to resources link existing configuration files and the links in the treatment on the audit, we do not compare the competitor’s link configuration files and our own pen, best practices recommended is to understand what we have, then analysis how to make these links to resources and customers the ultimate goal of close association.


data link appears to be simple, if you do not have a clear goal and plan, in the audit process, you will be absent-minded, and even ignore some of which is very important for the optimization of the content, here the author summarizes in the usual optimization project handover, often do some things.

anchor text: the project before the optimization, owners and customers will be prepared in consultation site necessary keywords, once these keywords determined will not change, which also determines the anchor text of the chain in the process of construction, in the project transfer, the main keywords need to determine the site again and again, two or three keywords do not arbitrarily change.

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