n eight the content of your site failed to rewrite

              a few years ago, as long as you update the keyword rich content regularly, the search engine will think your site is useful. Now, many complex algorithms and increasing social media means that the Internet plays a more and more important role. This is the result of eight kinds of rewrite the content of your site failed.

              four, the chain

              two, no social signal

              three, Google said

              recent research shows a clear relationship between the social rank and signal. If your content is not enough or social media coverage, so it is unlikely to become a good content, and are less likely to have a good ranking.

              a high bounce rate,

              in fact, if you want to have a good search rankings, so, according to Google said is a good way to do. Google webmaster tools, and as a guideline to change the content of the original form. If you match with most pages automatically generated or streamline the content description. If you’re not aware of, then you may not get a good search results.

              if you don’t.

              whether your website in search engine search results are good, sometimes it needs to sell your product or service to a real person. In Google, the bounce rate has become an increasingly important algorithm, packing your page with the average content is no longer need a reason. Imagine your website, if people enter into your website, the website is full of words but the actual content is only a little bit. High quality not only enrich the keywords, it also needs to convince visitors investment. Investment in the past, the content and the mind marketing combination, if not increase your search ranking, you can also improve your conversion rate.

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