Guo Moruo two months how to do love Shanghai home top three website

C, make written Internet friends, because you work, need a lot of human resources, therefore, make more friends, play a very important role in your future work. So, "

B, view the site included love Shanghai, record shot down, analysis helps you later, see the work you do every day is to produce benefits, and better motivate yourself to do.

in May 30th, I received the first website of Shanghai dragon, keywords customer choice is "Jiangxi Nanchang study abroad, study abroad, study abroad in Jiangxi, Nanchang to study abroad, study abroad in Jiangxi".

a new beginning, what should you do?

for a novice, the first pick, how do you deal with

Hello, I am more Oh! Remember me? Before wrote an article about the new "Moruo Shanghai Long Fengzhi Road:" now, I limit the bottleneck, to talk about two months to get some experience in Jiangxi abroad website love Shanghai home summary, hope can and to share. I hope you can give a lot of opinions and suggestions.

first took on a web site, you must first use the webmaster tools to check out some of the site itself, the record, comparison and data analysis to help you later.

because this site is new sites, PR what are zero, is also not included, but I was a novice, so, at the beginning to start, very confused. Ask colleagues to see my colleagues do, this is my first reaction. My colleagues told me, you can go to add some Shanghai dragon group or visiting the Shanghai dragon forum learning experience. So I will do as this, plus several Shanghai dragon group, also registered some webmaster forum, walking around them, but I don’t know what I’m on, some of the posts is pure advertising, in order to increase the chain, I do not know the forum can learn anything. To start, I am confused. Then add some in the industry a lot of friends, they asked about Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, ask what I should do next, they are very good, please tell me, here, I am very grateful to you! This time, I have experienced the rain time, love Shanghai big shock, Shanghai dragon WHY and to collect the webmaster website by K times, learned a lot of things.

When ?

a, to determine the site keywords, the degree of competition has been the key words. More that the choice of keywords can easily cross. Select the one or two difficult, now one or two relatively easy. Do the optimization, plan from a hard and an easy start. Optimize the site title, keywords, description and is planned to be a commonplace talk of an old scholar, often change the site title, keywords, description of these, this is not easy to love Shanghai, not to mention ranking.

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