We should care about love Shanghai weights

3, all to be able to query and calculate the flow as the sum of the site search flow obtained from love of Shanghai;

2, by ranking position and to estimate the amount of search keywords of the website of course where the ranking position can get much traffic (get traffic = total search volume * ranking position hits);

so, if we blindly love Shanghai weight data, is likely to miss a lot of good website. For example, some industry websites, the search is small, even if there is a 10-20 ranking in front, because the search is small, so it can not be in love to get good numerical weight in Shanghai. But the other station, because the 1-3 of a large flow of words, the other love Shanghai ranking performance is not good, as can obtain high weight value; therefore, the data for this unfair, I suggest you Adsense value it.

network now have a lot of love Shanghai weight query tool, two of the following should be recommended, webmaster friends often use, such as:

on my blog in Shanghai Longfeng these two tools above query:

now exchange Links, everyone seems to add new links to audit quality standards, in addition to the PR website, love Shanghai included, first, whether the web page outbound links number, the number of inbound links, and now more of a "love Shanghai weight", it seems we particularly care about "love Shanghai weight" the value of (non love Shanghai official data).

love love Shanghai station weight query tool


4, may be combined with other factors to calculate the site weight (love Shanghai may also flow is the only index);

1, all have some access to query site keywords ranking (love station query love Shanghai ranked the top three pages of data, and Chinaz is the first 4 pages), and query the keywords ranking information, search volume (love Shanghai index);

this is my blog in Shanghai dragon love love Shanghai station weight query tool on the results, a total of 5 search keywords in the ranking data, love Shanghai website number! Love Shanghai weight is 2.


Chinaz love Shanghai weight query tool on my blog search Shanghai dragon out 10 key results, Shanghai love weight is 1

Chinaz love Shanghai weight query tool

showed different platforms, which judged love Shanghai weight data are different. After analysis, I summarized the love Shanghai weight judgment:


love love Shanghai station query ranking the top three pages of data, and Chinaz is the first 4 pages;

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