Website optimization Shanghai dragon Er how to cross this bridge,

first, the soft writing is mainly depend on the material, which has a central idea clear, to stand in the reader’s perspective, analysis of the problem, and then to solve the problem, it is meaningful to write the article, would have been happy to watch. We write the purpose of soft is to allow people to see, so why do people want to see your article. Here I said this is practical. Soft writing should be valuable, for readers to have a role that readers can learn knowledge and new ideas and methods in your paper. Because no one will waste your time on meaningless things.

website optimization is a simple and complex long process, simple said is mainly because, to do site optimization is nothing more than the site outside the chain, structure, key, and soft, etc.. But it’s easy to say, only a few sentences. But do not so simple. Website optimization is a very long process, that can be achieved. We have to do is hard every day to do the site outside the chain, then update the article, good soft, website optimization architecture etc.. The amount collected and then wait for the site’s growing web site outside of the chain are increasing, and then after many months the site slowly weight. The optimization of many sites will find most difficult to do is soft writing, good, because our thoughts are limited, we may not be able to create new content every day, and every day to write. This to our network optimization would be too difficult. Then we do website optimization in order to cross this bridge,

website optimization how to cross this bridge soft? Actually just contact Shanghai dragon, I like you most afraid of the content of the website is updated and the writing of the soft. All know the original thing of value, can be reproduced in a high amount, but just can do + start slowly, just to say it. Copy and original, impact on the site is too large, the effect is not good, how to do? It was a long time, slowly groping to the skills and rules of writing text, now for everyone to share may have reference place, not good place please Paizhuan proposal. In fact, the writing is not so difficult.


second, the soft writing also have many views. Then a man of ideas and point of view and perspective are limited, we may not always have to say, there are many views. So how do I want to say is the accumulation of different materials, from a different perspective to look at the problem. So what do you do. This requires us to read some articles, read some materials, analysis of their views, learn from their point of view. Then it is useful to use up useless discarded. This is the accumulation of resources, not their own key time speechless. Soft writing pay attention to the original, but we may have something to write every day, there are new content, how to do this, we need to use it.

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