The new year Shanghai dragon Er how to deal with the interview

before the interview did not always put it in your heart, cast a dozens of resumes, received notice of the lot, second days to go to the interview, others asked questions are asked three I do not know, because there is no understanding of the company, or read the interview and forget, even wrong >

through a few days after the interview, continue to list some problems the interviewer’s question, and then continue to consult with others, finally, hard work pays off, a new resume let me find a new job, although very hard, but at least is passed. Here’s what some Shanghai dragon Er interview note:

resume play an important role in the interview, whether you are just coming out from the campus students, or a few years at the rookie in the society, people want to know you first is through your resume, so your resume should grasp in writing. At the beginning he is careless to graduation when your resume out, put a lot of out is or is to inform you No one shows any interest in, go to the interview, do not know how to resume the answer; Shanghai dragon Er resume should meet several requirements, if you just came out from the school, so you can properly write about your performance in school, awards, social practice and so on, if you are out of work, you should not put before school too much to write in a graduated from xxx school on the line, mainly involves some work experience and your case, is sure to show come out, such as you used to optimize what website, website keywords ranking the first few, these must be detailed, can also take advantage of you listed, such as you are good at writing software This paper, you can write their own soft case list, while others see some real things in you, for you a favor.

is the best to put some of their own personal experience to write up, too exaggerated, sometimes let oneself become embarrassed, such as a web site optimization is very good, when asked, he did not answer, this embarrassment to himself.

, make a reasonable resume

last year from a studio, although it can not be said that a lot of things, but at least in the Shanghai dragon basic things still have a grasp of the rest for a month after the new coming, hope I can find a good Shanghai Longfeng company; so in Xiamen talent network voted a few copies of your resume at the same time from the new made a resume, received some notice of the interview, but the interview is not smooth, rejected a company, it will inevitably have a touch of sadness.

from all walks of life are starting point and end point, so is the Shanghai dragon this line, not every place for us; the new year many Shanghai dragon Er wants to find a new job interview this threshold, let a lot of Shanghai dragon Er shudder startling. Here’s what a harvest and experience after the interview:

two, the advance of the company to understand

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