QQ group ranking optimization love Shanghai big blue ocean fuckedup

QQ group ranking



3, QQ group ranking technology than love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon Taobao Shanghai Longfeng simple operation one hundred times, for a variety of code theory people tired.

will have to go and People are hurrying to and fro.. No matter what, you kept no traffic, all white. Therefore, the network can earn money, are playing the master flow.

? What are the advantages of QQ group?

as shown above, this is an optimized group. The keyword is "Shanghai friends". Group name and key must match group address must be a good location, the best address back to add a keyword. Used to do optimization of the group is the best group of 2000 people, the number of the group is not more than 1900 people, more than 1900 people in the group is not ranked, will be K off. Remember, when the group set, to allow all people to upload files, photo albums, allow anyone to add group.

when doing swarm optimization, the activity can brush out.



is another important factor affecting group ranking is group activity.

1, the search group of friends into the group is the most direct target customers, is currently the highest conversion rate of population. Group ranking forward group means more people. Most every day into the group of more than 100 people each. Is the lowest cost, the best platform for the promotion of.

What do

as shown above, when we enter "make money online" the words in the search, the ranking has. Since the ranking order, then it will have rules to follow. In fact, after optimization of the QQ group 15 minutes can be the default first. Research on mining master the core technology of the Internet, less than 10 people.

has been in love with the sea, we abuse thousands of times, we all love to Shanghai as first love. But what? Some things, if you pay, can get to return. I have a friend to play, love Shanghai have their own optimization techniques, but it’s a site since May this year, has been drop right back down the right of recovery and shift back and forth, get exhausted, terribly fatigued.

I also like many webmaster, also feel tired. So, my eyes on another piece of virgin land, QQ group. I found the evening however, QQ group, is actually a "small love Shanghai", in the QQ group ranking have a brilliant future.


QQ group


2, QQ group known as "little love Shanghai". If love Shanghai is a 10 billion yuan of gold, then the QQ group is a 500 million yuan of small gold deposit, the most critical is that the small gold mining people less and less, a gap in the market.

What is the

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