How to optimize a single keyword


may be some owners do not quite understand this, explain, is when the keywords you have optimized a better ranking, and more than


2. and related chain: with all your words Key chain, to choose the right platform, the first platform is of good quality, high weight, big flow. Need to pay attention to the problem is the density of the chain keywords in the article, it is best to pay great attention to the nature, so that the article can bring some readability, let the chain play his role. According to the anchor text, I suggest that you can develop some blogs, such as CSDN, blog, maybe write a related article takes a bit of time, but the effect is proportional to time.

here the keyword type is divided into a, B, C three, respectively is: the home key, channel page keywords, page keywords.

C, the inside pages of keywords: within the pages of words I think can be more inclined to long tail keywords, so for this word will be through the quality of the article, and the words appear so far, and the correlation between the other pages, to gain weight, achieve ranking.

3. do not cause their own competition


this article discusses is how to optimize a single keyword. I say a single word, and not representative of this website only a keyword, the Binzhou I want to optimize the station instead of the full search keywords are up to 10, have some love Shanghai index is not very high, so I like these from the first keyword index is low with optimized concentration, first do a one of the words. So, here to write for a single keyword optimization ideas and methods.

B, the channel page Keywords: such as Binzhou the financial channel, because I want to optimize the word, so in this article the financial channel in Binzhou should be the key to import live all my words, and can be a lot through the long tail words appear in other channels, to achieve cross optimization. If the other channel page appeared and the key to take the side of the content, we can also in other channels to anchor text related, to gain weight.

a, the home page Keywords: we need to know is the home page of writing. The search engine for the title, there will be a weighted sort of understanding, such as: Binzhou financial _ Binzhou financial website _ Binzhou full search. This title weight is greater than the Binzhou Binzhou financial financial website than Binzhou full search, so when writing keywords, we need to according to the keywords you want to optimize to the corresponding weight, and for description, can appear the key words you want to optimize in the description, also can through the long tail word way in mosaic that is, pyrophorisity.

1. type

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