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startups usually use the latest and most current technology to complete the construction of their products. For example, not long ago, the static HTML technology was in vogue, and after a while, PHP became more and more widely used, and then Python became popular. Recently, I heard that Ruby on Rails or node.js and excited. What will happen next? No one can say. However, I believe that many techniques have begun to "liberate the founder of encoding" busy, because they are eager to become your own boss, you can set a deadline, and choose their own technology to create products.


Wangzhuan road full of hope, full of temptation, countless heroes bow unexpectedly; Wangzhuan Road, full of ups and downs, full of traps, not the spirit of hard-working friends please shenru

for their clients

the next three days, Xiao Wu began in my opinion can challenge Guinness sprint record. He got up at 4:30 every morning and began to work until 11:30 in the evening. He had been staring at the computer for more than an hour before he had eaten in the middle. When he eats, he must rest his computer for a while. I felt the computer, and some of it was hot. In this way, the first day, because not too skilled, altogether changed three stations, second days changed 7, third days changed 5, also just in three days, let him change the fifteen stations, and upload. Although, because of the limited time, inevitably some local oversight, but has not affected the operation of the whole station. Moreover, because the optimization is proper, and there are five content accumulation, the seventeen bus stations are included particularly fast, so far this morning, finally collected by sh419 Linyi automotive network has also been

in spite of this, the fact is very cruel, because unlike the founders of technology, these two responsibilities are not easy to assume.

"if you plan to be a" farmer "in one or two years, it’s too late to abandon the idea." One of my advisers said so. However, in your case, this statement may be absurd because the subconscious tells you that "knocking on the code can do many things."".

founder must continue to focus on industry trends

already said, Xiao Wu is an expert. 99 car network WeiHai Railway Station, YanTai Railway Station opened 35 months, two websites advertising costs, membership fees have reached more than three thousand yuan per month. In order to manage his website wholeheartedly and realize his dream, he has resigned from his former company and registered his Weihai automobile Media Co., Ltd., focusing on the Internet business in the automotive industry. On Thursday night, he told me that he had been registered in Shandong Province, the other fifteen cities and has a domain name, buy a dedicated server, then he and prepare for three days, the 99 car network’s Shandong Province, the remaining fifteen cars on line website. I was listening to, could not believe my ears, although the code is readily available, but each station needs to change the place is still quite much, and in the fifteen station three days, don’t push people mad.

founders must develop

distract attention,

founders often have to do customer service support,

founder must devote 50% of his time to work,

founder must shoulder many responsibilities,

editor’s note: article author Swizec Teller, geeks, programmers, apes, and serial entrepreneurs. Teller worked for DoubleRecall, an advertising service company, and DoubleRecall, a start-up company that was incubated with Silicon Valley’s Combinator Y.

founders must lean towards corporate vision,

yesterday evening, we eat together, talking about the website changed in the past three days of feeling, he used a calm tone to tell us you said: in fact, the second day at noon, he was sick, began to insist on not down. Sitting in front of the computer is a bit sick feeling, open the web site is a bit dizzy, but in order to catch the seventeen sites in the city at the end of the month before sh419 big update smoothly, he had to force myself to insist, even let their sensory nerve numbness. Weizhizheshijingcheng, hard work pays off, when the last site of the last line of code change later, he felt a heartfelt joy, called for their moving things let him feel the sublimation of the realm of life.

normal included!


founder must burn the midnight oil

these problems are encountered in the development of start-up companies, and because there is no redundant staff to help solve this series of problems, so the founder must be pro force. The reason why people pay more attention to the work of the founders is that they spend a lot of time helping the users. However, no matter how great an old programmer you are, and no matter how hard you work, the user will not pay more attention to you. After all, unlike programmers, programmers are just dealing with obscure issues that are hard to remember.

programmers need to pay more attention to time tapping and checking code. If you forget the function of a function, your job will be difficult to continue. When in the head >

next, we have to do is to put the greatest effort and perseverance, to ensure the good performance of the 99 car network’s seventeen sites, and 99 club promotion work, so we made a division. I’ll be in charge of the green for a long time to come


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