Shanghai dragon why ups and downs caused life thinking of the webmaster

3, can not see the corner of interest.

believe that many people see a lot of advertising in the group, such as Taobao earn million, a lot of people, see the figure a good big ah, regardless of what to say to him, the crowd, because the cash strapped, want to get rich dream all the time in my mind deeply, I admit that I love money, enjoy more bring money in the process of pleasure, easily contented, because my money is on my hands to feel at ease, in fact, a Shanghai Longfeng list of optimization is very tired, some enterprises to change the code inside the station, what artists like, especially the most headache problem, because each into a an industry, you are a child, what all don’t understand, the Links also need to slowly accumulate, so Shanghai dragon is the most arduous toil of mental workers. Don’t think of a day into a lottery millionaires, even tens of millions in your good luck, this value is temporary, so pragmatic go their own step road, in Shanghai Longfeng will have to move forward in the industry, do not see a black hat technology is cattle, is blind to follow suit. Buy a domain name, space to do station group, and give up the hand carefully a website, less onlookers, others success have in particular generated in the environment.

webmaster circles are often so often see others do not see spikes, spike back tens of thousands of contributors, a stone below concrete, iron and steel, like walking on a grass, and not to consider their feelings, because only see the green grass, did not think this is less into the the scenery, causing quantitative quality effect. For example: Qiu Star share their weather forecast case, most people see is to send 1000 blogs, do independent website links to a single page, in fact he is sharing their thinking, in order to let more webmaster to provoke thinking, not to brag about how cattle.

1, Shanghai dragon Er often only look at the spire, don’t look under the.

is a man with whom I share, that success in the corner, because it is a corner, so most people do not see soon to usher in their wealth, Shanghai dragon road has found the corner too much, for example: if you do not come to Beijing, may day I still mediocre live, if you >

recently in the circle of more strange, yesterday Shanghai dragon WHY site can not find, but no one came to a lot of propaganda that Shanghai dragon why is K, disappeared, everyone behind Cardiff, but some time ago the rain, for the K, we are here with us the answer is, Shanghai dragon inside why can really learn something, while the other two places do feel cheated, cheated, of course, to let it out. No, these happen around us, we may see as a story, here also gave me a lot of thinking, to share the webmaster, hope you can also lead to their own thinking.

2, follow the trend of love, love the crowd.

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