Shanghai Longfeng optimization to clever use of links

to establish a knowledge base system more favorable sites

before starting the two chapter on "Shanghai dragon optimization knowledge" personal share. "Love Shanghai search" Shanghai dragon "appeared on the Japanese website" this article is published in August 1st by the publication have attracted a lot of people’s attention, through the natural personal background views concern is rising very quickly. However, due to the A5 search column list update, the article shows the location of the decline in the proportion of attention. To browse the increased speed is gradually slowing down, almost remained at about one or two in 10 minutes.


Small fish in the A5

is here, if you are careful friends will find second articles small fish release is the first article about data analysis. At the same time, in the second article, joined the first article "link". The link is sufficient to attract a lot of attention to second articles, the first article to focus on small fish. So, the little fish said: Shanghai dragon to clever use of link optimization. Clever link let us earlier published information as no echo and can attract the spider, the depth of the crawling. The small fish to share with you about some point links used:

link is good, but if we go to deliberately create some links will often result in counterproductive. The user clicks you create a link, not imaginary information needed to drop the quality of information, trust degree is reduced, the friendly degree is reduced, may lead to the loss of users. Search engine technology is more advanced, to judge the quality of link is more and more clear. This is why in Shanghai Longfeng, we often go to advocate: correlation chain platform chain quality; chain information to diversification, released with the most relevant link information "; within the chain can also enhance the website weight, but the correlation is very important, the deliberate creation is not added,


1. Shanghai dragon optimization clever use of link: link information to have a high degree of correlation

"love Shanghai encyclopedia" weight, believe to know a little Shanghai dragon people will understand. It is not what the so-called love Shanghai for its products concern. No matter what you use the search engine we will find the love of Shanghai encyclopedia rankings are very good. This is because there is a strong love Shanghai encyclopedia about it. "Wikipedia encyclopedia" is not only the content of professional information, the accuracy of concern. "Wikipedia entries are" >

2. Shanghai dragon optimization link: clever use of

, an article "small fish in August 2nd Shanghai Longfeng original road: how to provide users with valuable information" released. Through (pictured above) the background shots, can be clearly demonstrated, about 10 minutes, an article published in front of the little fish views happened with this before has changed a lot, obviously improved.


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