The 8 methods share increase website included love Shanghai


we all know, do rely on search engines, search engines rely on the love of Shanghai. Shanghai love to our website, attitude determines the success or failure of the site. Website promotion every morning to open the computer, just look at your website included, love Shanghai in snapshot and ranking. If there is progress on site, this day have a good mood, if the website ranking, snapshot, included reducing, it must be very depressed. Today I will share with you about love Shanghai snapshot update, help increase website rankings and included.

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skills, external link control. Site of a solid foundation, but also the key link. Some Adsense one day send hundreds of thousands, with mass software, then a few days, or even months without external links. External links is the need for sustainable, stable release. You can not use mass software, but also to control the amount of.


skills, update frequency. Because the spider crawling is regular and events, like we eat the same, so we should follow their own update frequency, there is no special provisions. We are going to have in their frequency range. For example, we are the morning update, that morning, so the spiders to find the law, it must be fixed over dinner". I test, as long as we persist for 2 weeks, can be basically stable.


skills, stable web space. Now if our website snapshot not update for a long time or a long time interval, please check the website of the spider crawling, and through the examination with IP webmaster tools to other websites like Shanghai included snapshot, if most of them are very poor results, I suggest changing space, if it is important that you this website. Recommend the use of independent IP. Whether it is the domestic and foreign space space, I test, for snapshot is not affected, before someone says overseas space to love Shanghai Chinese website no, actually no basis, I test after the overseas space can also achieve the second.

skills, web content innovation. Website content is decided by your website is not included, especially our new website content, do not copy, copy. General new sites need to wait for the 1-2 month assessment period, the search engine observed content on your site are copied or pseudo original, it will increase your assessment period, when you don’t have the energy to maintain and update, and then close the site. So the website must update the original early, or you can use Chinese pseudo original tools to deal with. This method is also very good.

skills, the directory structure of website. No matter what we do website structure, website directory must be friendly, compared to this many of my friends have solved, are now used to generate static or pseudo static treatment, friendly advantage of the website in the search engine. The ordinary site, the directory is not more than three layers, the page file name can use letters or numbers, but do not use a long Chinese turn English plug-in effect is very poor.


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