Status and future of Shanghai dragon er

so in the forum for professional chain, after research found that those professional chain are nothing more than the acquisition of some A5 information or the owners of the house of the article, and then change the title, finally at the end of a website, after batch registration account number, issued to why, Shanghai dragon a, 28 push Shanghai dragon forum, collection of these sites is good, but think carefully of the chain of hair, although the chain number is added, but still can not solve the problem of the chain, indeed, through a period of exploration, I now that the chain this piece is difficult to do extensive, if blindly to emphasize the breadth of the chain, but not independent to look for the chain platform, then, the light and shouting slogans is no different.

chain is more difficult to do, that chain in Shanghai Longfeng the role can not be ignored.

as everyone knows, the love of Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm against the chain platform, many, led directly to the chain platform plummeted, many platforms have begun to increase the verification code restrictions, such as the previous one, come on renren贵族宝贝, Amoy 8, 19 floor, a lot of micro journal batch can do outside the chain platform. Want to batch the chain now has become very difficult, so we started looking for the chain platform bitter day, thought the beginning was Post Bar in search of others or from the leading chain zhubajie贵族宝贝 see those released outside the chain, then you will find some forum or information platform then, arrange these platforms, then registered account to publish information on these platforms.


I thought quickly arranged a number of the chain resources platform so that we can, but doing that, this path root will not work through the collation, found that those who publish most of the information is in the forums, now almost all of the forum delete advertising is great, but also the level of limit, some even filtering URLs, you said the hardships is not to take a website? This show the links, how do the chain? And then moved to the B2B platform, gradually found the platform to register an account is excruciating, just fill in the information on the company. But the audit, finally registered by a, well, I Speechless, only free released ten information after some B2B website information is simply not included, I have to sigh a voice, it’s hard to do outside the chain.

accompanied by several major updates to love Shanghai, presumably in Shanghai dragon soul we have suffered different degrees of combat, perhaps some people will think of Shanghai dragon qiantumiaomang, then change the job, but there are still some people persist, until today, we found the vacant rooms in Shanghai. Dragon road gets narrower, and even found almost don’t go down. So we would suspect that he had to choose between at the end of the road on the right, we can continue to move forward, accompanied by all sorts of problems, I thought for a long time, here today to write their own views.

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