Station group Don’t play did not grasp the battle!

I personally think that the

on the first point, the trend in where? Now the situation is very clear, we can operate. However, the first point is limited to second points, without the support of second points, the first point is of no significance. So, pay attention to the details of the operation in the station group into the most important. There are some stations to pay attention to the details of the operation:


stations, if used properly, it is a way to promote the network of Shanghai dragon play most incisive operation mode, what do you mean? The station group, can achieve a website can never achieve the effect, of course, the scale effect is the first point. Important, as long as the station group has ranking, it can within an industry to establish a good brand effect, which for a single-handed website to do brand or marketing, it is a world of difference.

The so-called

is not the most important reason: since most stations have been search engine stopped, therefore, there is very small station group, have to say this is a good time. Of course, this is not encouraging everyone to fight, just say if you do, don’t give up the It is without rhyme or reason. Well, the following link into combat.


not fight the battle not sure, that is, based on the understanding of advantages of stations on the station to understand the point of attention on the specific details of the operation group, let stations can really be our operation, let stand of the shortcomings of our attention, therefore, is not playing not sure of the battle. This is a strategic view of a comprehensive consideration of the global, as do Shanghai dragon to Shanghai Longfeng optimize strategic layout, do stand must also carry out strategic layout, and can not ignore the details.


on why do station group, each of the truth, I would say the reason is very simple, that is multi point breakthrough, don’t put the egg in one basket, this may be many webmaster or Shanghai Longfeng er. Yes, there are business owners said the station group, is a thankless job, sometimes hard to make up the station group, may be done overnight. Oh, actually, this is the reason you have not made enough preparations.

: one must understand the situation. If it is in the station the wind very tight, must not be contrarian is moving against the wind, this is not wise.

note camouflage. As the war, to want to win by surprise, you need to fake soldiers or baggage. Station group is the same, no need to pretend, search engines have to take drastic measures to fight.

second: attention to detail, the details determine success or failure, this sentence is not just more than Weakness lends wings to rumours. It is sheer fiction.

from the following two major points to elaborate station group strategic layout, in order to help fight the certain battle stations:

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