How to do the best website optimization

website space

each big search engine basically is the weight through the chain to judge a website, usually the quantity and quality of the chain than chain, a good chain right important weight more than dozens of the chain of garbage. So we in the optimization of time must give priority to the quality of the chain.

5, optimization of engineering should be good at summing up

this is my summary of some about how to do the best website optimization method, of course there are some other methods, if you have a better way, also hope the exhibitions. The above content by the Shanghai website (贵族宝贝sh1586贵族宝贝/) original, reproduced please specify, thank you.

3, the stability of

2, regular updates to

1, high quality original content

love Shanghai algorithm change every day, we have to do is to practice every day and continuously, we can make mistakes, but never make the same mistake two times, the only way to continue to progress beyond the opponent.

website optimization has been many new Adsense most headaches, many webmaster do for a few months, has no effect at all, and finally had to give up. In fact, the scope of the site optimization is very wide, to learn very much, we must grasp its essence, in order to avoid detours, I summarize here some website optimization steps necessary for reference:

high quality of the original article is a site soul, like you have a lot of websites on the Internet, how to put your site and other sites to distinguish? Rely on your website to provide more valuable content than other sites, so in many network stations to talent shows itself, there must be innovation and others do not, the only way to increase the appeal of the website, so innovation is our webmaster every day to think about.

4, the quality and quantity of the chain

Wang Han is the webmaster has been often ignored, even some webmaster or the use of free space, as the saying goes, "a penny", if the love of spiders in Shanghai often appear not open the site or the site open very slowly if you visit the website, the You’ll see. what The loss outweighs the gain..

website update should not "three days fishing nets two days of drying, we would rather each update the less, but also to ensure the update according to the law, so that we can get the favour of search engine. Many owners complain every day to update the original article is very boring, but no way, as long as we chose this line, we’ll stick to it, only pay more than people, can get more than anyone else.

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