Discuz forum application domain double-edged sword, the early site should not be enabled multi domai

I like most early in the site owners, home WWW, forum BBS, always feel so good bound very convenient, and from these included do not see what problems, until a few days ago, with a station swap Links. The other said, you included too little of it, I get a look, ah, more than 30 thousand pages. The dialogue will no longer talk, I fell into a deep thought, more than 30 thousand pages in the end a lot less

the next thing to do as can be imagined, the station unified decisive for a domain name, it is at the beginning of the WWW, BBS 301 permanent redirect to www. If the binding site in the early two stage application domain, it will bring a copy of the workload for stationmaster, equivalent to take care of the 2 stations, the last is always limited, without distinction. So do you use discuz forum friends, hurry to your domain unified, the application domain is not you now play. At the same time, Comsenz also hope to have a better solution, for example, can bind the two domain names, and included only included a primary domain name (the domain name back the default settings to achieve this function), so that the majority of grassroots webmaster, have both fish and bear’s paw.


note: the picture to see the data in the 301 redirection, and set the chain compared to before have increased significantly, and the flow also has a slight upward trend can be judged that "

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as everyone knows, Discuz X series has a new function, that is the binding of application domain. Say simply, is a portal two level domain name, a forum of two domain names, group a two level domain name etc.. It looks like a very convenient, most of the owners are also in use, in fact also give us the early site brought a huge blow to the station, the following examples, for your reference station.

careful Adsense is not difficult to find, with WWW and WWW without love Shanghai weight and included all the difference. Shanghai mainly included see light suddenly, love is at the beginning of the BBS, because the binding of the forum begins with BBS two domain names, and in the establishment of the chain weight and is mainly dominated by WWW, BBS and WWW conclude in Shanghai simply 2 different stations, which can also explain why so many included however, the flow but not up the reason.

the reason is because each query time is included with the WWW domain, and the domain name only at the beginning of the 5 thousand page included, and I exchange with all websites are Links, beginning with the domain name WWW.

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