How to make use of the restaurant Try to look at the business hours and user tags!

we all say that the food and beverage industry on the back of the rent, labor and food costs three "mountains".

can now, not only these three "mountain" worth double, with the times as the spread of the cost of communication has gradually evolved into the mountains of the fourth. The food and beverage industry in the eyes of the past "profiteering industry", is facing the "small industry" in evolution.

so, the catering industry, "four high" in the end how to break? Based on this point, "Kao! Barbecue rice" take the following three principles.


Step1: time rule

full time closed loop

in the "high rent" the mountain under the pressure of "Kao!" "barbecue meal has been taken a grade ten class business district location strategy shops". In my opinion, consumers are now more concerned about the experience rather than a single physical location.

that is to say, one of the most critical is not the existence of which store in which position, but in each district can see your store.


Kao!" will often barbecue meal office shops as its own stores, and dine in and take out business is saturated. Can achieve this state, after all is reasonable from our income structure of control and allocation, and we 24 hours time efficient operation ("Kao!" 20% barbecue meal sales from the hall food, 80% from the takeaway).

"Kao! Barbecue rice" will take 24 hours of the whole time of the takeaway for a period of 6 "closed loop" division:


breakfast (05:00-9:00): provide breakfast for the platform, the platform side of the shipping point, accounting for about 5% of total sales;

group meal (09:00-11:00): to provide corporate group meal. This requires us to meet the needs of this part of the crowd of high cost, can be invoiced and on time (delicious, clean, health is a prerequisite), the total sales of about 10%;

lunch (11:00-14:00): big data preparation, with 20 copies / minutes out of the meal speed of +12 yuan high cost unit price detonated CBD;

afternoon tea (14:00-17:00): to provide fruit juice, dessert, dried fruit, snacks delivery service;

dinner (17:00-21:00): for the surrounding white-collar workers to work overtime to increase revenue;

night delivery service (21:00- 5:00 the next day): crayfish and other snack products.

external collaboration

this kind of sales in six different categories of the main product, is conducive to the realization of the restaurant staff of the factory management >