Cats and dogs 2014, Ali Jingdong planned the infighting of a year

What is the most ruthless competitive strategy of

, which is considered to be a way to let others have no way to go?. The battle between the giants is often so you do not have my attitude, strokes are deadly. Last night, Ali issued a notice saying that because the double eleven is already a registered trademark, so any other person without permission is an infringement. This is equivalent to saying to the friends are, "" double eleven "is me, you don’t want to touch".

is more worth pondering that, notice also talked about some business advertising not only tort also malicious slander Taobao, Tmall brand, is unfair competition. In fact, Ali beat is Jingdong, I believe that it is blind Amoy it has a lot of friends have seen the ads, Jingdong is clearly in order to divide the double eleven market and engage in some small smart. Ali not only with the counter attack, and even have asked the relevant media to withdraw this ad. This is not the first time this year in the rivalry, and in fact the two sides have "busy" for a year.

introduction: Jingdong has poised Ali

Jingdong in 2013 with a total revenue of over 69 billion 300 million of the year’s top ranked BAT giant, although the gross profit is not high enough, but it has to catch up with the momentum of the first group of three. In the face of the rise of Jingdong, the most worried to ali. But this year the two companies are listed on the Nasdaq, it seems this running out is destined to happen.

at the beginning of the year, Jingdong announced in advance on the IPO process, then they ushered in the alliance type injection of Tencent, the two companies seem to be pushing the initiative in the field of electronic business. Ali’s new year has not been happy, in the Spring Festival was robbed of the limelight by WeChat red packets, Jingdong and the Tencent to the first alliance. But in order to IPO great cause, Ali also endure. Who let Ali IPO this thing is very annoying, Hongkong or the United States, which has been very distressed, but also can not worry about the other questions to mention.

momentum is full of Jingdong can not stop ah. As a result, further back from the United States Liu Qiangdong was exposed and tea sister love, Jingdong here internal mail display this is Ali out of the ghost. But things eventually, relationships are confirmed, "Ali" Jingdong "into the hype. This is really a gangster ah, Jingdong not only to earn the eyeball, and incidentally, black Ali. Lying gun Ali, but there is no gas to go out, in addition to the denial can only temporarily for the IPO storage force does not send.

next, Jingdong in May to the United States IPO success, with a market capitalization of $29 billion 700 million to establish its position in the industry of fourth. Later, it ushered in the 618 anniversary, for a month of promotional activities, a large and a "double eleven" confrontation in time before and after. It can be said that the first half of 2014, the first half of the first half of the Jingdong brilliance, brilliant achievements, double harvest of wealth and love Liu Qiangdong also became the envy of the object.

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