Dangdang.com to shop No. 1 from the lakes to each other

"Chuang-tzu" said: "spring up, and the fish in the land, to each other, mutual help in time of poverty, as in a river." There is a spring dry, fish trapped in a dry riverbed, mutual to each other on the spit, to keep moist, not too dry. And so, not everyone in the rivers and lakes, who do not know who, free.

moment, "I" is often used to describe a couple of tide. However, in the "Chuang-tzu" the intent, the two talk about is the realm of choice: support each other in their difficulties and hardships, not know each other to swim in the river in the great lakes.

according to this meaning, as the electricity supplier second-line camp dangdang.com and one store, now it is reduced to "forget" from each other in the arena "".

March 5th, learning Lei Feng day, Dangdang and shop No. 1 announced a strategic cooperation, the two sides settled down, help each other, Dangdang help Shop No. 1 to sell food and beverage, shop No. 1 Dangdang to help sell books.

because of dangdang.com and shop No. 1 is a comprehensive electricity supplier, is the overall competition, therefore, overwhelmed by the two sides together, with a view of the weak coalition ", is in the Jingdong is about IPO and may marry Tencent under the background of" heating". However, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing does not endorse the view that Dangdang and shop No. 1 is the powerful combination".

so, what is the powerful combination of the author to see, powerful alliances in many cases is a false proposition. From the enterprise to the country, the most common is the strength of the joint, weak joint. If it is one of the top two master, the only child of the showdown. Even if some combination, that is the face and heart. This point, from the fermenting in Ukraine crisis, the United States and the Soviet Union is remarkable tit for tat.

clearly, in the field of electricity providers, dangdang.com and shop No. 1, the position is still far from enough for the level of the Soviet Union, not even to a fraction. If you do not do the United States and the Soviet Union than words, Ali and Jingdong is more counterpoint. Obviously, Ali and Jingdong will never "win".

in fact, select the "roof" dangdang.com and shop No. 1, was also "known in the arena". Li Guoqing said at the press conference, and has been in themselves and just before and unfamiliar, until last November began to get to know in Chengdu, was a leader in his speech after the summit, "the very heart" Yu Gang take the initiative to come over.

it is not difficult to see that the "mouth" of Li Guoqing had not put the 1 store into discernment, for by the boss back for occupation manager CEO Shop No. 1 in the gang, but did not take the initiative to meet the desire. Of course, this does not blame Li Guoqing, after all, in the eyes of the old qualifications, only Tmall, Jingdong. Fortunately, the refined Yu Gang also did not mind in front of the "lie" in fact, backed by WAL-MART’s 1 store heart and did not see Tmall, Jingdong as the goal, just……

today, two high ideals, phase

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