Analysis the current Taobao market segments should play

first, the opportunity to market segments origin

1, consumer choice becomes difficult

era of information explosion, more and more goods, more and more brands, consumers increasingly tangled shopping. As from the beginning of 2000 online shopping Master, the shopping environment is deeply intertwined, so generally in the search to find the right products, the general approach is the store, Juhuasuan, the platform to promote large shopping guide for the page. In recent years the rise of Taobao shopping guide platform, small and beautiful, let the consumer shopping more than a few recommended entrance, while promoting the development of market segments, so that more businesses see opportunity market segments.


electricity supplier crackdown

business in recent years more and more complaints, the government is very high degree of concern, has long been concerned with the media reports, led to the electricity supplier platform to increase the crackdown efforts to increase the scale of investment, accelerate the speed of action. This makes a lot of traditional production-oriented enterprises, to see the hope of doing the brand. In the mainstream category market is relatively saturated, select cut from two or three categories, leading to the emergence of a large number of domestic brands market segments.

3, sale platform rise


market, with price soared, follow the trend of the emergence of a large number of sale platform and sale channel, sale platform rise, let verticals and rejuvenated. The core of sale platform and sale channel is the brand competition, well-known brands have been less, causing them to subdivide the brand to mining, awesome opportunity to show a large number of brand segmentation.

two, market opportunities where

1, Taobao distributor

The rise of the

segment, the need for high-quality channels to support its rapid development. At present, the overall business environment, Taobao is the most appropriate, in the Taobao platform, a group of mature and strong purchasing power, the individual needs of diversified consumers; and a group of prominent Taobao business shop shopkeeper.


brand is the brand core distribution flow, the future of Taobao after another round of crackdown, the remaining traffic needs to have enough products to digest, to see who can have enough to grab the traffic distribution shop.

brand wants to be the first in the market segments, must rely on Taobao distributors.

2, sale of electronic business platform,’s market, make more people aware of the potential market sale platform, many electricity providers integrated platform (such as Jingdong, Dangdang, Suning) have to follow up. In market sale mode has attracted much attention from the clothing and cosmetics industry, to the current development of fruit fresh and maternal industry is hot, I am optimistic about the future of automobile and real estate industry. At present, there are many brands of market segments exposure channels, but also by the major electricity supplier platform attention and attention.

3, a fan of the economy (from the media)

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