Webmaster information 2010 living in B2C in deep water

business in 2010 is destined to be an extraordinary year, after 09 years of accumulation, there will be more profound volatility this year! This one is for the development of the electricity supplier to a steady trend.

first say a few things this year caused great concern that Jingdong financing $150 million, Baidu and Lotte cooperation will set up B2C company, operating nearly a year of Chihiro network faces acquired etc.. A war is happening, we see that each company’s ups and downs, see B2C e-commerce increasingly fierce competition in the


$150 million for an e-commerce company is absolutely unimaginable number, but today has become a reality! Get the financing Jingdong also benefited from the current mall in good operation: Mall Jingdong to enter the field of electronic commerce in 2004, IT sales through the Internet and home appliance products, 2008 sales of nearly 1 billion 400 million yuan. The chairman and chief executive officer of Jingdong mall Liu Qiangdong said that the financing of $150 million in new funds, there will be 50% for the promotion of warehousing, distribution and after-sales service. No matter how the financing result, this is undoubtedly the current e-commerce has injected a stimulant, stimulate more traditional retailers nervous, it is self-evident that there will be more funds began to flow to the e-commerce platform this year.

January 27th

Baidu and Japan’s electronic commerce website Lotte jointly announced a joint venture company will be in the next 3 years to spend $50 million to build ultra large integrated B2C online shopping mall for China users. This initiative will undoubtedly allow the establishment of 07 years, Baidu has C2C platform more embarrassing. After three years of development, has to face the situation more and more subtle, in Lotte before Baidu has a walk in the B2C sector, is 09 years in February and Japan’s largest integrated mail order company Nissen co founded the Baidu Japan window, has been upgraded to Baidu windows of the world (http://s.world.baidu.com/) according to this understanding, the business model of Baidu opened a new window on the world for the development of e-commerce of Baidu, Baidu has settled in the window of the world B2C enterprise investment Baidu to bring business value far more than Lee’s imagination, to a certain extent of the latter and Lotte cooperation opens the door! In case of not break ah Baidu, the need for new models of electronic commerce to seize this huge cake, of course, face the embarrassing situation about hand Stroke in B2C and C2C level, and the day before Yes C2C platform leader Li Mingyuan to leave Baidu on the business to add a shadow, let us see how to solve the Robin Li game in 2010.

compared with the beginning of Chihiro looked deserted rash and too much in haste now, many years ago, with layoffs, now Chihiro has no vitality like that at the peak of the SK group for the divestment of Chihiro hadn’t gone to the electronic commerce website year halt, analysis of its development today the original.

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