Taking Baidu map as an example to analyze the application of map products

maps in the back-end and front-end product design has a wide range of applications, such as tourism, real estate, O2O and other industries. Design of map products is the test of the product manager is not only the foundation, add a screenshot to write a paragraph of text will be accomplished in the prototype logic, to map the principle, function, interaction logic needs to have a deep understanding. At present, the more mature map platform, including Baidu, Gao De, Tencent, in use can be selected according to needs.

below is a Baidu map as an example to illustrate some common basic concepts and application scenarios.


Baidu map API is based on the application interface of Baidu map service developers to provide free set, including JavaScript API, Web API, Android SDK, iOS service, SDK, car networking, API positioning SDK LBS cloud and other development tools and services, to provide the basic map display, search, positioning, encoding, inverse / geography route planning, LBS cloud storage and retrieval functions, suitable for PC terminal, mobile terminal, server and other equipment, a variety of operating system application development map.

POI is the abbreviation of "Point of Information", can be translated into "information points", each POI contains four aspects of information, name, category, latitude and longitude, near the hotel and restaurant information. We can call it navigation map information, navigation map data is the cornerstone of the entire navigation industry.

asynchronous loading refers to the implementation of the process of loading at the same time, to a certain extent, can improve the page loading speed, improve the user experience, the current commonly used in the map is generally asynchronous loading.

combines several specific scenarios to say about the factors that need to be considered when designing map products.

a, map labeling

a variety of to B products have a lot of geographical location display, and these need to be set in front of the background. In short, the operation in the scene is to select the correct location and save, the core operation includes search and marking.

search: enter keywords, click on the content provided by suggest or directly enter the keyword click button search.

because the suggest display is not intuitive, can only be displayed in the drop-down list; enter the keyword search on the map to see the distribution of the intuitive situation is undoubtedly more appropriate. Is the practical application of the combination of the two is generally used.

Tags: click the mouse point on the map or drag and drop the current city center.

these two operations are mutually complementary, there are times when the location is wrong or does not exist on the need to drag the center point to correct this way. Of course, click on the content provided by suggest

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