The user operation killer of the mobile phone manufacturers how fun fans economy


hammer mobile phone, once again confirms the fan mode on the smart mobile phone brand. Luo Yonghao fans everywhere in the maintenance of the hammer phone feelings, such fanaticism phenomenon is not strange. Fruit powder and G powder has existed for many years and even China irreconcilable opposed to millet, Meizu, HUAWEI, and 100+ companies have established their fan base, and called a special name: Rice noodles, kerosene, pollen and add friends, fans in the current user has become the only way which must be passed intelligent mobile phone industry, the mobile phone manufacturers how fun fans economy.

Fan Club: user operations killer

throughout the various fan groups of manufacturers, although all kinds of names, but the essence is the same: loyal users, or fans. These people identify with a product, a company, or even a person. Based on this recognition, they are willing to do the product of the mouse, willing to participate in the production process of the product, the company’s interests to maintain the initiative, but also willing to invite more people to join their group.


being labeled XX powder, they are proud, and naturally or half unconsciously to tag your behavior. Some hardcore fans will worship, religious fanaticism style in the extreme. Don’t fruit powder G powder, Rice noodles despised oil, the Internet has become an important part of the chain.

companies are happy to see the emergence of fans groups, presence and growth. While China’s smart phone industry is basically a group of fans are deliberately organized. With the fan groups, companies do not just need to worry about the needs of research and development products before the issue, but more importantly, they can bring immediate benefits, the so-called fans economy".

first, the fans as loyal users, will continue to pay to buy their products, even if the price is not reasonable – like 3000 of the hammer. Millet to sell a mobile phone to the fans, then you can continue to sell mobile power, routers, TV and other packages.

secondly, fans as innovative users, will act as the role of marketing. In the general public consumers spontaneously to publicize its obsession with the product. Obviously, this promotion is more effective than the promotion of KPI driven salesman. At the same time, the promotion will continue to expand the fan groups, in support of modern tools such as social networking, Pyramid marketing power is released.

again, fans as fanatics, is a natural free PR team. In the commercial war between enterprises especially the slobber war, companies have to release a new product, the enterprise has a negative news, fans will need to review the need for satire place automatically. Some high-end fans can also write articles to deal with. To put it bluntly, this is called natural, free, fighting a strong naval force.

in Millet fans operation done fast, in addition to the intelligent mobile phone we have followed, such as Home Furnishing smart intelligent hardware industry, App manufacturers, since the media have also followed suit.

mode of operation

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