Baidu snapshot time formally withdrew from the search results have been published online content

A5 ( station network March 6th news, Baidu Webmaster Platform announced today that, in order to meet the timeliness requirements of Baidu users, Baidu snapshot time has quit the stage of history, replaced by the Baidu search results in the content of the release time, move on to "more accurately display web content generated time, reduce user selection the cost, increase the click efficiency, improve the conversion rate of the site" or have a positive effect.

upgrade effect as follows:


for the webmaster, Baidu snapshot time people love, and the same time the snapshot will let the webmaster keep nerve tension. The official exit Baidu snapshot time, release time and then come out, and will bring about the surging trend of webmaster circle guess? However, the day before, Baidu Webmaster Platform said: published data only for search results at the show, any impact ranking, webmaster friends only to ensure true and accurate to the time. No time to release the contents of the page, it is recommended that the webmaster can increase the exact release time.

in addition, the search results page, list page, advertising page such pages, search results will not show the release time.

for the webmaster, if you want to search results at the time of release show, just like a news page that clearly written page content can be published, the remaining mining screening work to Baidu spider (the index library news web pages can be extracted successfully issued 60% time) to complete.

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