Tencent Reengineering take Facebook+Twitter

IM (Instant Messenger) is the Tencent label. But today, it looks like an online game company. Yesterday released 2011 earnings report, Tencent online games revenue still accounts for 55.5% of its total revenue.

but Tencent’s dream is clearly not going to stay here, it has been trying to build a complete relationship chain". Faced with a record $5 billion in Facebook listing financing, as well as $4 billion in annual social advertising revenue, I do not know how to revalue its own.

"a lot of financial investment bank believes that our business flow value has not been used better," the Tencent’s senior executive vice president, network media business system President Liu Shengyi accept the "First Financial Daily" interview, said, "in the end is not underestimated? Can really count, how much traffic, how much income, it can out."

Tencent needs to fully tap the commercial value of its social media and social networks. Liu Shengyi said the company plans to integrate social media and social network resources through a social change, create a set of users, products, technology and methodology in the development of "social marketing platform", will be officially launched in April this year.

this is obviously a whole social media and social networking monetization path. Liu Shengyi said that the social marketing market space is not inferior to the search engine market.

in fact, this is also the founder of Tencent, chairman of the board of directors Ma Huateng dream. So he painted the future of the social web company, all social resources can be through the network of information technology quickly gathered when required to complete a task and then disappear, and can be combined under the new round of. Each user, each small and medium-sized enterprises can through this organization, to reflect their own value, and can benefit from it.


Facebook+Twitter mode

reform seems to be all Facebook and Twitter two models, and the driving force was more from the customer.

Tencent advertising platform assistant general manager Liu Yao said, during the Olympic Games, Coca-Cola and Tencent QQ online promotion of the torch relay, the marketing strategy about the excitation of tens of millions of users involved, bring huge effect.

but after the event, Coca-Cola is still very distressed. It is found that, unable to find an effective way, the precipitation of tens of millions of users to their brand, to become a long-term audience.

into a lot of troubled companies. For the big horn radio type of traditional advertising, the limitations and the short board is that can not be achieved from the Branding (brand) to Commercial (Sales) of the transformation, and the emergence of social marketing, which provides the possibility of.

Tencent took the first step is to get through micro-blog and QQ space. >

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