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digital research company released the "September 2010 group purchase industry survey report" shows that as of the end of August 2010, the network group purchase domestic enterprise scale has reached 1215, which does not include the open group, or 256 group purchase website has been closed, and just opened or opened a small number of small group purchase website. While in the city distribution, according to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center survey, Beijing group purchase enthusiasm and Guangzhou champion, after Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, ranked in the top of the city network group purchase. September 2010 buy industry survey report, in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in September to buy four active trading, the total turnover of more than 110 million, turnover of up to 1 million 810 thousand people.

, however, the shortcomings of the group buying site is also highlighted. In addition, the return service has shrunk due to difficulties, often take a group purchase directly, receive the payment will store "disappeared" thing It is often seen. Famous independent critic IT Hong Bo (micro-blog) believes that now buy more network, the uneven quality is very normal thing. Because the threshold is now set up to buy the network is very low, and many do not intend to buy a network of long-term business plan, many people think that as long as the money on the line.

when the interests of consumers can not be guaranteed, the purchase of the network itself should be the first to bear the responsibility, the selection of cooperative business is the first one should be put off. Because the business audit awareness is not enough, not enough strict checks, coupled with the consumer’s own self-protection awareness is weak, low quality of service is easy to buy things." Hong Bo believes that the purchase of the network can actually do business on the preliminary investigation and the number of people can withstand the survey, and then determine the limit. At the same time, he reminded consumers, while participating in the group should try to choose well-known buy site and reputable businesses to participate in the smaller or even heard of the group buying network should be cautious attitude.

group as a unique business model into the Chinese market for only half a year, its rapid development is quite compelling. The website for consumers looking for discount merchants offer attractive price and purchase group purchase, in the web site for consumers has become the Internet business model, which has a very attractive "cake", also spawned a large number of slave group".

whenever buy site update buy information, 80 percent off, 90 percent off or even lower discount can cause a large number of "regiment slaves" sought after, the number of groups is less than dozens, more than thousands. However, the group is really value for money,


case a: massage appointment is not refundable

today: the group purchase price 896 yuan only 39 yuan! Women’s health center care packages (full 130 minutes)! "As I sit in the office white-collar, Wang early to go to massage his relief, see the online group purchase promotion immediately call my bestie, click on the buy 3 care packages people. On the phone >

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