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1 super stealth Trojan attacks against a variety of anti-virus software, Alipay  

in addition to steal Alipay, this super Trojan also by professional hackers invisible packaging, against a variety of anti-virus software. According to technical analysis to get clues, Jiangsu Xuzhou police tracking, found a manufacturing, sales, protection of Trojan professional criminal gangs, crime involving a number of provinces and cities.

"double eleven" after Jiangsu, Xuzhou police cracked a Trojan attacks, criminals use "super stealth Trojan", specifically for Taobao Alipay sellers account for the implementation of theft looted.

the computer implanted Trojan Alipay account looted

victim Wang told reporters that one day she suddenly found himself inside the Alipay money is gone, but the Alipay account only she used, why was ransacked? Xuzhou City Public Security Bureau network security detachment police Guo Wei said, after the survey found that Miss Wang’s computer has implanted Trojan also, remote control, record keyboard.

2 from the end of network financial fraud shady: Softbank giant sequoia lying gun  


the evening of November 10th, hundreds of millions of users keep in front of the computer waiting for the 0 "shopping Carnival" to come; and at the same time, a group of special network workers have already started their work in front of the screen: Tmall Jingdong and other electronic business platform wide net, waiting for fish bait.

The user account password data to the

through the purchase, these people will access the account accurately grasp the user’s online shopping information, and then to delivery, abnormal trading and other reasons send text messages to inform the user of a refund, with links to phishing sites in the message, once the user interface suggested by the bank card, and fill out the secret message authentication code and other information, the user’s bank card deposit will be stolen out.

fact, online shopping refund fraud, just the tip of the iceberg of Internet fraud, user property security has become a major problem in the healthy development of the Internet industry dragged down. According to a network platform data show that all kinds of Internet fraud, deception fraud is the largest number of part-time brush single employer fraud, fake Taobao owner, part-time staff to help make a single brush, then let the virtual goods back to part-time buy cards and other immediate consumption, but after you get "employer" immediately recharge and then disappear.

3 Ali injection hungry: Siguo, two Br  

groups on the United States total war Ali news, almost sure from the latter is a successful plan, it will be less than half of the O2O platform announced the establishment of "word of mouth" to veterans and beauty group position in the racing together bridle to bridle overnight, and the opponent may not have to deal with the vivid sketch confound until the city.

thunder early in the dark sky, this is Ali > typical

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