Yahoo! 7 acquisition of Australia’s famous tourist site Totaltravel

September 29th news, according to foreign media reports, Yahoo! 7 (YAHOO Australia station) on September 25th announced that the price of $17 million acquisition of travel website Totaltravel.

Yahoo! 7 is YAHOO Australia station, is a joint venture between YAHOO and Australia’s largest media group Seven Network Limited to create a portal, the two sides each have a property of 50%.

According to

reports, Totaltravel was originally a travel website, founded in 1999, the main business in Australia and New Zealand, in Britain and the United States also has a sub station, the strength is very strong. The site has about 167000 tourist attractions, restaurants and stores in Australia and New Zealand, and the UK has about more than 293 thousand similar travel information. It is also one of the reasons why Yahoo is interested in Totaltravel 7.

Yahoo! 7 of chief executives 800Show · Longde (Rohan Lund) said in a statement, "this investment is very exciting, we will become the first major online travel sites beyond Australia’s most popular, we are confident."

Longde also said, "our other task is to allow advertisers to lock users, Yahoo! 7 will be interested in tourism advertisers to provide the best quality advertising service environment." The latest data show that Australia’s main tourist market in the last year, the market value of about $560 billion. According to the Australian Financial Review (Australian Financial) estimates, Yahoo! 7 is only paid for the acquisition of $17 million, is expected to Totaltravel will become part of the Yahoo! 7 travel channel (Review).

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