Site survival status survey of nearly 80% sites idle resources into furnishings

According to the

Chinese Internet Information Center (CNNIC) the latest statistics show that currently there are 2 million 790 thousand sites, of which there are nearly 80% sites in the idle state.

according to CNNIC, the first half of 2010, the number of global Internet sites are declining, the number of sites in China (ie, the number of domain names registered in the territory of China) is also synchronized decline. As of June 2010, the number of websites in China from the end of last year to 2 million 790 thousand to reduce the number of 3 million 230 thousand, of which nearly 8 of the site’s utilization is very low.

according to the mechanism analysis, the main reason is the site abandoned "has three points: first, a large number of idle website domain name is difficult to memory, there is no repeat; secondly, Internet users believe that the website credibility is too low, there is no order; in addition, some sites lack of marketing, interactive services, customer management and other functions.

Internet experts suggested that enterprises should upgrade in two aspects of brand names and trusted authentication: enable easy to remember and easy to use brand name; third trusted sites authentication, through to the enterprise domain registration information, website information and business registration information for strict interaction audits to verify the true identity of the site, so that we can the age of electronic commerce, to avoid the site furnishings.

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