Baidu alliance this month will raise the price of suspended advertising

March 4th, according to sources, the Baidu alliance will raise the price of a single click this month to suspend advertising. Previously, there are some owners to reflect the low price of Baidu alliance suspension advertising, but 5 cents per click.

Baidu alliance suspended advertising features on February 8th this year, the line is still in the testing phase.

according to a webmaster reaction, from the test phase of the effect of the point of view, the suspension of the ad click rate than other forms of advertising click rate to be about 10 times higher. But there are also the reaction of the host, suspension advertising price is too low, it is not worthwhile, and affect the visitor experience.

reporter telephone connection Baidu alliance responsible person, Baidu alliance, said the suspension was previously in the test phase, this month, Baidu Union will push the main suspension, suspension price will be adjusted upward.

insiders pointed out that Baidu raised the price alliance suspended for two possible reasons: on the one hand, Baidu union advertising rates decreased by suspension to increase the amount of ad clicks; on the other hand, may be part of the advertising effective hits is too high, consider the use of Baidu alliance suspended advertising traffic dilution proportion click.

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