Music as sports president, COO leave One of the parties to the circle of friends denied

music as the official reply to the sports news interface, said it did not know. Subsequently, the music, as the sport COO in the voice of friends in the circle, denied the rumors.


February 21st, the media broke the news that, as music sports President Zhang Zhiyong, COO will leave in the near future. The news that Zhang Zhiyong has submitted his resignation to the management, after the completion of the transfer of work is expected to leave in March, to airlines in the same period also resign application.

music as the official reply to the sports news interface, said it did not know. Subsequently, one of the parties in the circle of friends in the air sound, denied the rumors.


September 5, 2016, Lining CEO Zhang Zhiyong joined the music as sports president, reporting to the music as sports CEO ray Zhenjian. Zhang Zhiyong is a well-known figure in China sports brand sector, in 1992 he joined the Li Ning Co to the cashier, working in Li Ning Co for 22 years, is a veteran entrepreneurs Li Ning Co, is also the founder of Lining’s most effective go getters. 2004, Zhang Zhiyong began to serve as Li Ning Co CEO and executive director, responsible for the group’s overall strategy.

on air in November 2014 to join the music as sports, as vice president, responsible for overseas and copyright business. Due to help companies quickly gather a lot of copyright resources, May 2016, outstanding performance in air was promoted to music as sports COO, responsible for the payment service and the globalization of business, to the music as sports founder and CEO Lei Zhenjian report.

this series of personnel changes rumors and music as a result of the outbreak of last year’s financial crisis has a direct relationship.

Zhang Zhiyong officially joined the music as in September 5th last year, and then at the end of October, LETV for suppliers to ask for debt crisis broke. Until January of this year, as the music to get 16 billion 800 million huge financing this crisis is the end of the stage.

music as a sport in this crisis and the music as mobile, music as the media has become one of the three focus of media attention.

however, the nature of the problem is not the lack of money the music as sports LETV crisis, from the music as sports announced in April 8 billion B round of financing only after 7 months, it is precisely the problem to Jia Yueting in full letter pointed out that the "organization management lag".

sports CEO leizhen music as a sword in December 5th last year in an interview also responded to this question, "after all or our own core competence and organizational structure is not perfect." Subsequently, the music, as the sport set up three business groups, accompanied by a higher proportion of layoffs.

this series of events occurred when Zhang Zhiyong joined the music as, and this kind of unrest for a newly airborne executives, it is difficult to let their fists. In fact, last year, as the music as a result of the start of layoffs, there is news that Zhang Zhiyong to >

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