nternet legend Miss Ma investment

[core tip] as today’s competitors, the Internet industry capital hunters, Ma Huateng had also invested in Alibaba’s opportunity, but he did not cherish. However, if Ma Huateng had actually voted 15% to Alibaba, and now China’s Internet structure will be the way it is now, in fact, there are still many people Miss Ma investment


Internet circle is always filled with too much uncertainty, but also has too many legends. Here are a few examples for you:

1, 2009, WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton to Facebook candidates rejected, now, Facebook spent $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp


2, when Ma Yun and Youku founder Victor Koo Koo COO Sohu competitive position, beat Ma Yun, now, Ma Yun Alibaba shares Koo Youku potatoes;

3, when Ma Huateng had to consider the sale of QQ will be $600 thousand, and has been negotiating with the four companies, and ultimately ended in failure, and now, to $12 billion 600 million to become the richest man in mainland China;

4, another story is, after doing QQ is slightly big, Ma Huateng also looked for Sina founder Wang Zhidong, asked for $1 million 500 thousand to Wang Zhidong, has a look at the things that you thought I did spend 100 thousand. Refuse to buy.

5, 1999, Richard Lee had held a stake in Tencent, but two years later, in a hurry to sell the stock of 20%. If today Richard Lee hand still holds 20% stake in the Tencent, Ma Huateng also twice as many words, Richard Lee is the richest Chinese, not only can really get out of the shadow of his father Li Jiacheng, a master China Internet industry Supreme authority. This is the nature of


6, that year, Japan’s Softbank President Sun Zhengyi prepared to invest Ma, Ma Xue Manzi for a contemptuous disregard "this guy like that, son, what is the future?" later, Xue Manzi regretted shouted, ashamed, clever "old boy" Xue Man also missed the opportunity of.


"Miss Ali bigwigs": the Alibaba group in May 6th formally to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission submitted IPO prospectus, plans to raise $1 billion in expected valuation calculation, IPO size may be increased to $20 billion, it will be the largest IPO in the history of the United states.

prospectus, Alibaba by Softbank Holdings 34.4%, YAHOO 22.6%, Ma Yun 8.9%, Cai Chongxin 3.6%. Therefore, the Alibaba’s largest shareholder Softbank huge gains.

was only 6 minutes Sun Zhengyi Softbank decided to give Ma Yun a $20 million investment, the reason is Sun Zhengyi "Ma Yun saw the light in her eyes", "Ma Yun and Yang Zhiyuan feel like crazy". In the next two years, Sun Zhengyi first cast $one hundred million to Ma to do free Taobao, Alibaba, and the addition of the

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