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technology news March 18th afternoon news, Qihoo 360 announced on its 360 navigation (hao.360.cn) to conduct a comprehensive revision, the new version has substantially strengthened news, video and other content, strengthen the content reflects the weakening.

360 vice president of the company, navigation and search for Yu Guangdong said, navigation through several changes, its role is no longer a simple web site navigation, more Internet users in the play the role of the first entrance. "The current form of traditional web site navigation has been unable to meet the needs of users, web site has only a small part of the needs of Internet users to watch videos, shopping, playing games and other needs have become the main behavior of everyday Internet users."

sina science and technology noted that the new version of the content has made a substantial change in the content, weakening URL, strengthen the content. News, video, games and other content to replace the old version of the previous version of the link, occupy the important position of 360 navigation.

, for example, today’s headlines polymerization Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Phoenix four portals headlines. In addition to strengthen the electricity supplier to show the convergence of Tmall, Jingdong, Amazon, shop 1, such as the entrance of the electricity supplier website.

Another feature of the new version of

is personalized content recommendation, according to the characteristics of each person to recommend 9 categories of users interested in content. In addition, the function of life is also strengthened in the new home page, the new convenience service area, covering the transportation accommodation, living expenses, mobile phone recharge, credit card repayment, catering and other functions.

Yu Guangdong said, "360 this year will increase investment in brand building, 360 for the purposes of navigation," the name ‘navigation’ on there is a certain ambiguity, now more and more people think that this is the car navigation, marketing and user interaction does create some obstacles. Therefore, 360 navigation will be open to the user name, hoping to have a new name easy to remember the name. (Zhang Nan)

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