The definition of marketing and advertising has been subverted by web2.0

      Web2.0 gave birth to a lot of things, we have to look for marketing, social structure, influence on various aspects, perhaps directly, perhaps potential, may be related, but start full avenue began to put on 2 labels. I do not know whether there will be 2 steamed bread, look forward to.

      however, marketing 2 are real to start, Anping brother mentioned, "in marketing 2, completely subvert the definition of marketing and advertising, brand competition is no longer depends on the size of the budget, but to see how creative? 2 how many are there in 2?" However, this sentence is really Anping brother, the mainland market shame, the sea surface, were still discussing what budget? PK the size of the market? It is arch-criminal, CCTV, who when Wang, who is the scenery will not take long, unspoken rules.

      now, consumers are the masters, the media and the contents become two sides equal, the content is not only the media, more important is to create consumer content, consumer communication content, consumer content of transformation. Web2.0 is the core of the center, I do not think, not to the center, but to the individual as the center, multi center. In fact, doing nothing for all, that is to do nothing, to the center and multi center as long as the individual as the main object is the same effect.

      each person, is a media, is a content center, is a communication center, is a retail terminal, is a network marketing center node.

      Hebei brother also mentioned, "no matter what the purpose and task of marketing, marketing personnel and advertising company’s conclusion seems can not break away from the TV ads. There is a tacit agreement between brand marketers and advertising agencies: people will continue to state the importance of innovation, but do not innovate, innovation is an adjective, do not use innovation as a verb. Innovation means different from the past, because of the different brand marketers will have to report to the superior execution process over and over again, they may make mistakes, advertising companies may also shake the income structure, and no one knows exactly what to innovation, so everyone shouting slogans like, do innovation don’t really."

      Web2.0 subvert the definition of marketing and advertising, which means not on television advertising content innovation and subversion, and the way but for the whole of the marketing innovation, and even subversion. However, there are a lot of people often fear innovation, fear of subversion, subversion of this fear may bring impact of this barrier, more appear in every marketing planning meetings, especially with Web2.0 color communication conference.


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