51.la you need to refuel!!!

      just in the webmaster network to see the news that Baidu open statistics! First, a happy heart, but soon entered the thinking!

      a few days ago Yahoo launched the statistics, and Google in 03 years has been a statistical service! What are they doing?

      for the majority of webmaster service? Or through this more clearly control webmaster? Don’t know the answer! We’ll just have to wait and see.

      one, when we poor webmaster began to use, the major search engines can maintain a neutral attitude to look at the data,

      will not see the flow to a station to go to K it.

      two, 51.la pressure is great. We will gradually give up the 51.la in the case of statistical services will not give up. 51.la is the webmaster

      own statistical service. Here I still support you do not numb to change the statistical experience fresh.

      three, 51.la does not seem to be acquired! Even Baidu is using its own resources to do statistical services!

      it seems that 51.la can only improve their own services, in order to ultimately retain the webmaster, 51.la there are a lot of places to improve, such as: the number of people starting in the afternoon to 0 points does not show! Sincerely wish you all the way!

      four, Baidu is likely to be filled by members, including means such as statistics

      hey! The road is difficult to go

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